Three days dedicated to Orazio Costa at the Pergola theatre

The Expression Training Center, the training center of the Fondazione Teatro della Toscana, restarts with its activity after the closure due to the health emergency. On the occasion of this restart, the Center is organizing the La Pergola per Costa initiative at the Teatro della Pergola from 14 to 16 November, three days dedicated to Orazio Costa and the mimic method. Opening hours are 10:30-20. Admission is free. For information:

During these three days the new courses open to all will be presented, the introductory theater courses, the “Orazio Costa” course for actors for professional training, and it will be possible to participate or attend open lessons and demonstrations on the mimic method.

The teachers of the Center and the director Pier Paolo Pacini will be available during an “open space” to talk about the work that is carried out by the Center, not only as a place of propulsion and diffusion of the mimic method, but as a research center aimed at overcoming the classic education concept.

This restart will be a real revolution compared to the past. In fact, the Center intends to highlight in an ever more precise way its role not only as a propulsion and diffusion of the mimic method, but as a research center aimed at overcoming the classic concept of training, the fulcrum of an all-round pedagogy, not limited to theatre, but aimed at any artistic and expressive form in general, and a real cultural engine of the activities of the Teatro della Toscana.

This also through the choice to reorganize the activities as Orazio Costa had thought them in 1979 at the time of the creation of the Center, which in his thought had to be the furthest away from academic models and, therefore, not act as a “scholastic” body of theatrical training, but as a place of enhancement of expressive and creative processes.

One of the most significant aspects of this new organization of activities is the fact that the introductory theater courses – courses open to all aimed at recovering the natural expressiveness of the individual – become the first compulsory year of preliminary pedagogy of the Course for actors “Orazio Costa” – the professional training course. Precisely during the course of the introductory courses, the selection will be made to access the Corso Costa itself, in order to be able to make as complete an assessment as possible of the aspiring actors and overcome the classic “audition” and its limits.

Passing the selection will allow access to a second more technical training phase, structured in lessons, seminars and meetings and which also includes participation in the productions of the Teatro della Toscana to accompany the students towards a real start to work.

La Pergola for Costa – Program

Monday 14 November

10:30 Open space for meetings

15:30-17 Demonstration lessons

18 Presentation of the book by Orazio Costa Talking about the mimic method – Transcribed unpublished lessons (Dino Audino Editore) edited by Alessandra Niccolini, with the participation of Gilberto Scaramuzzo, pedagogist, professor at Roma Tre University, author of the Preface, while the Afterword is by Luigi Lo Cascio.

To follow, until 20:30: Open space for meetings

Tuesday November 15th

15:30-17 Demonstration lessons

18 Presentation of CAE courses

19:15-20:30 Demonstration lessons

Wednesday November 16th

10:30 Open space for meetings

16-17 Demonstration lessons

18:30 Study in the form of a mimic choir on Dante’s canto V Inferno by Marcello Prayer and the CAE teachers

19:30-20:30 Demonstration lessons.

Three days dedicated to Orazio Costa at the Pergola theatre