Three schools and an institute are awarded for promoting sustainable and safe travel


Three schools and an institute from the municipalities of Dos Hermanas, Santiponce and Seville capital have received this Monday, in an act held at the Government Sub-delegation in Seville, the accreditations of the European ‘Stars’ Program of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) in recognition of the promotion among its students of sustainable and safe travel, both on foot and by bicycle.

The schools and institutes that have received accreditation for the 2021/2022 School Year in recognition of the activities carried out have been the Hermanos Machado de Dos Hermanas Secondary Education Institute (IES), the Infant and Primary School (CEIP) María Zambrano from Seville (bronze), and the CEIP Josefa Frías and Mosaico, both from Santiponce (bronze).

The act was presided over by the Government sub-delegate, Carlos Toscano, accompanied by the provincial head of Traffic, Ana Luz Jiménez. The same was attended by the Education delegates of the municipalities of Dos Hermanas, Santiponce and Seville capital, as well as teachers and students from the schools and institutes that have received this distinction.

Carlos Toscano highlighted in a press release that it was “fundamental to work on driver’s education not only with schools and institutes, but also with all those who should be involved in this matter, such as, for example, local police officers, Promotion, Citizen Participation, Environment and merchants, as well as parents and the educational community, especially young people, actors in present and future mobility”.

“The increase in traffic and the creation of new infrastructures”, Toscano added, “has led to young people losing their way and parents becoming their taxi drivers, which is why the DGT is trying to propose safe school routes as an educational resource and that our children can go to school without the accompaniment of adults in a safe way”.

The ‘Stars’ Program is aimed at students from 6 to 19 years of age and, among its objectives, is the increase in the number of children and adolescents who make active trips to school or institute by bike or on foot, as well as the promotion of the autonomy of children in the city and care for the environment.

The DGT, in order to ensure the road safety of all users, deploys different strategies and tools, among which is ‘Road Education for safe mobility’, trying to reach all groups and in all stages of the evolutionary process of the person.

‘Stars’ tries to promote the active and sustainable movements of students and teachers through shared action, developing a novel methodology based on campaigns to promote sustainable mobility that the students themselves prepare, in the accreditation of schools based on the results obtained and in the accreditation of children based on their abilities, skills and correct use of the bicycle.

For this, the involvement of the town councils is required, which undertake to disseminate the project through campaigns and actions that promote walking and cycling, to promote the pertinent and necessary changes in the municipality in order to make an environment more safe, accessible and friendly, and to raise awareness among the population.

The educational centers, in turn, acquire the commitment to generate a change in the mobility patterns of the students, with the aim of pursuing a change in the travel habits of children and young people on the daily journeys to the educational center, reducing the dependence on the vehicle. and contributing to eliminate pollution levels in the atmosphere.

With this, in addition, daily physical exercise is promoted to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, overweight and childhood obesity, and autonomy is favored. In short, the educational center undertakes to carry out activities throughout the school year focused on achieving these goals and the development and dissemination of campaigns that promote active and sustainable mobility.

Three schools and an institute are awarded for promoting sustainable and safe travel