Paying a well-deserved and heartfelt tribute to President Moustapha Niasse, as he retires from parliament after 10 years at the head of the National Assembly of Senegal, is, for me, a categorical imperative, as a nephew, admireator, collaborator and political actor who is inspired by his action and who gives him boundless respect and considerations. And he continues to be, for the overwhelming majority of Saloum nationals, a source of pride and a model. commitment quotemean, rooted in the values ​​of civilization of its soil, combativeness and generosity.

The political career of President Moustapha Niasse is the shadow cast by excellence in studies, in a Senegal where the colonial power does not allowgave only rare opportunities to the brightest and most tenacious, whose determination shattered all the obstacles that paved the way to success.

Child of Daara, hatched by the Holy Man, El hadj Ibrahima Niasse Baye, le PréSident Moustapha Niasse did his Koranic humanities and was then enrolled in a French school out of respect for the recommendations of his late father.

His unfailing attachment to his mother Mame AbyssataThiam, direct descendant of El Hadj Omar Foutihou Tallis a life lesson for everyone those who had the great honor of knowing him and/or visiting him in Keur Madiabel, in his home open to all, welcoming to the needy and invigorating for all those who are in search of fraternityAfrican star and Teranga. This is why this exceptional man, this prodigal son of Saloum who has finished imposing Square Ndiogou LO (the other name of Keur Madiabel) and Keur Mame Tapha on the map of Senegal, is a source of inspiration and motivation for young people generations.

Yes, the statesman Moustapha Niasse who was from the age of 30, and for 10 years, the Chief of Staff of the President-Poet Léopold Sédar Senghor, is a graduate of the Universities of Dakar and Paris PANTHEON-Sorbonne Assasence of Law), and graduated Major of the promotion André Peytavin 66/67 from the National School of Administration of Senegal (ENAS).

His outstanding, brilliant professional career was highlighted by two appointments to the post of Prime Minister (1983 and 2000), and a total of 11 years as MinisterForeign Affairs. A record never again equal !

To this proven competence in the management and mastery of State files, is added a very big political commitment since universitye ; activism hassummed up for thirty years in the Socialist Party (PS), developed in the Alliance of Forces for Progress (AFP) and deployed today in the Coalition Benno Bok Yakar (BBY) alongside President Macky SALL in a absolute and total loyalty who cementse their strategic partnership that I rightly magnify.

Privileged witness of his granitic friendship with President Macky SALL as he likes to say, I can bluntly affirm that I am also a happy beneficiary of his legendary generosity.litique for agreeing to chair my opening meeting for the January 2022 municipal elections, at my home, in wack Ngouna. What an honor tinged with happiness!!!

President Niasse mesmerized the militant crowd until past midnight and closed the meeting.countered by an anthology speech that continues to be sung, praised and commented on under the palaver trees. And this natural affection for my modest person is not new.

Indeed, my relations with Uncle Moustapha Niasse date back to the year 2000. I still remember my amazement that day when my revered father (peace be upon him), who was his longtime friend and one of the first leaders of his party, took me to see him at Keur Mame Tapha as I was coming to obtain, with all costs paid, my ENAM patent. And immense was my joy to meet for the first time an emeritus fellow civil administrator who had just been appointed Prime Minister by President Me Abdoulaye Wade. Since that day, our reThey are marked with great cordiality, exquisite courtesy and admirable sincerity.

His invaluable support in my political training and his accompaniment decisive in the coordination missions of all the electoral campaignstorals that the President of the Benno coalition Bok yakar, Mr. Macky SALL has entrusted to me since 2014, have undoubtedly been beneficial. The resounding successes recorded during the 2017 legislative elections, the 2019 presidential elections and, most recently, in the occasion of the last legislative elections of 2022 are of the very eloquent illustrations.

How not to magnify the action of such athe emblematic political personality which is a monument of humanity for all of Senegal and Africa everything whole.

You have to go to DRCongo where he foundilied the political classEU, under the aegis of the UN, in Togo where he did the same, in Morocco where King Hassan II placed him in the group of Ulemas, in Abu Dhabi where the Royal family gives him respect unique in France where his speeches illuminate the Institutions where he passes, as during the ceremony organized on December 16, 2021, by the French-speaking Parliamentary Assembly (APF), at the Maison de l’Amérique Latine in Paris, to pay tribute to President Léopold Sédar Senghor. There was an interviewsublime ention, punctuated by a course on the use of the imperfect subjunctive.

Elite politician, President Moustapha NIASSE is also an actor in the field who knows how to defend his ideas with courage, as he had to do in Cuba, against Fidel Castro, by acting as a hero authentic non-alignment because free.

Immense masterpiece that is the action of this great State Clerk that he bequeaths to posterity and which continues, the young political actors that we are must pull the substantial marrow to better serve our fellow citizens. In reality, politics must continue to be a priesthood, particularly in our countries where the challenges of economic emancipation and democratic entrenchment are still to be met.

Senegal is at a turning point in its democratic experience which is the pride of all of Africa, despite new threats carried by the perverse use of social networks, with dangerous actions of manipulation of public opinion, by new politicians without faith or law, who make a lefte youth a means of toxic propagandaor who use them as fleshs cannon.

The rich political heritage of President Moustapha Niasse must therefore constitute an inexhaustible source where we will be able to draw the best lessons from the political history of Senegal to face and defeat these merchants of illusions. The fight for national unity, for social cohesion and for the stability of the country is always worth fighting for the triumph of the ideals of peace. set by President Macky SALL, whose daily actions to a Senegal rich in its diversity and strong in itscomplementarities are known and recognized everywhere and by everyone.

Mr President of the National Assembly

Honorable Senegalese for still,

We renew to you, here, our unfailing friendship and our commitment to follow your advice and your ad vitam aeternam.

Amadou Lamine DIENG