Two years later, La Mare Autour school is finally inaugurated

La Mare Autour school is located at one end of the town of Boissy-Lamberville ©Philippe Wirton

It’s under a beautiful rainbow and after two consecutive years of postponement due to the Covid 19 pandemic that the Intermunicipal School Association (SIVOS) of the North-East Educational Group (RPNE) “The Mare Around”bringing together the municipalities of Bazoques, Boissy-Lamberville, Giverville and Theil-Nolent (Eure), was finally able to officially inaugurate its school this Saturday, November 19 in the presence of many personalities and a large audience of children and parents of students.

A school in the shape of an ocean liner

From the portholes, fields of greenery as far as the eye can see
From the portholes, fields of greenery as far as the eye can see ©Philippe Wirton

With an area of 1,100 m²the “La Mare Autour” school welcomes 140 pupils from the small section to CM2divided into six classes.

At the end of the call for tenders, the elected officials of Sivos will retain the project of the architect Julie Delamare of the cabinet 6.24 in Le Havre. In this project, the architect had to respond to several strong points: energy saving and site functionality, requests from the teaching staff. “This project was a great human adventure, the meetings between us and the educational mode were very fruitful in order to build a work tool that meets their needs. The elected officials responded positively to practically all the requests. Technically, everything went well after the start of construction on very muddy ground,” said Julie Delamare.

During the various speeches, the architect received numerous congratulations on the design of his building, which is reminiscent of a liner resting in the middle of the countryside. In effect, the windows in the form of portholes give a view of the green meadows from everywheres. Many participants were conquered by the functionality of this site and the departmental director of National Education meant that this school was an example in terms of achievement. It is therefore after 18 months of work that the school was able to open its doors on March 2, 2020, but quickly closed its doors because of the first confinement.

2.7 million euros of works

Many elected officials and state representatives present at the inauguration alternately presented the interest of such a project and highlighted the courage of the mayors to have been able to decide to close the schools of their own village in order to set up a joint project.

Children, parents and elected officials were present to inaugurate the school
Children, parents and elected officials were present to inaugurate the school ©Philippe Wirton

Energy saving, removal of the hassle of school transportation at all times to go from place to place, and remarkable working tools for teachers, staff and children. Gilbert Larcher, mayor of Boissy-Lamberville and president of Sivos, recalled that this intermunicipal school cost 2.7 million eurossubsidized to the tune of 919,080 euros by the Eure department and 805,480 euros by the State.

What about the old schools?

Like all concentrations or groupings, the old premises are vacant. If in Boissy-Lamberville, the old school hosts extracurricular activitiesin Bazoques and in Giverville, the rooms welcome occasional meetings or associations. François Jourdan and Thierry Parrey, mayor of the two respective municipalities, are in reflection on the future of these rooms. In Theil-Nolent, a more specific project of multipurpose room seems to have been retained, but for these small municipalities on limited budgets, it is not easy to finance the projects. On the occasion of this inauguration, Pascal Lehongre, vice-president of the Departmental Council is committed to providing financial assistance to these municipalities for the technical and functional renovation of the old schools.

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Speech by Gilbert Larcher, mayor of Boissy-Lamberville and president of the school group
Speech by Gilbert Larcher, mayor of Boissy-Lamberville and president of the school group ©Philippe Wirton

During his speech, the director of the school, Olivier Bourdon, wanted to thank all the actors who participated in this project, in particular the parents of pupils who helped to move the four sites and the elected officials for their constructive listening. ” I am proud to be a school principal where life is good and where children are happy to come to school,” he said, moved. A video presenting the highlights of the construction site ended the inauguration ofthis exemplary school in a rural settingof this liner placed in this green setting.

An inevitable school regrouping

Since 1983, the educational group has continued to evolve. That year, the closure of a class in Boissy-Lamberville and the regrouping with the Bazoques school marked the beginning of the future school regrouping. Three years later, Theil-Nolent was added, followed in 1990, it was Giverville’s turn to join the latter following the closure of its 2nd class. One thing led to another and until 2005, the opening of a 5th class then a 6th in Boissy-Lamberville raised the question of bringing all these classes together on the same site.
In June 2016, the sub-prefect of Eure at the time, Emmanuel Le Roy, decided to organize a meeting between the elected representatives of the four municipalities and representatives of National Education.
In October 2017, the decision to merge the four schools into a single inter-municipal nursery and elementary school was taken. The choice fell on the territory of Boissy-Lamberville, the municipality having made available a communal land. In order to materialize this project, consultations, request for subsidies, call for tenders were carried out in stride and it is in August 2018 that the work will begin to finish in February 2020.

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Two years later, La Mare Autour school is finally inaugurated