“Ultra Loin”: who are the actors in the essential back

“Ultra Loin” is the unmissable event of this season. The la1ere.fr series depicts with humor and depth the daily life of shared accommodation between Ultramarines in mainland France. We invite you to meet the actors of the series and their memories of the shooting.

In a house full of charm and warmth in the Parisian suburbs, cohabit nine roommates from overseas, students or young workers. They are welcomed by Guillaume, a Reunionese. This year, friends of Guillaume have decided to shoot a documentary on this one-of-a-kind roommate…

Find the eight episodes of the Ultra Far series.

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Frédéric Lapinsonnière interprets the role of Guillaume in the series Ultra loin

©Jean-Philippe BALTEL/FTV

  • Frederic Lapinsonniere perform the role of Guillaume the owner who rents rooms in his house to young people.

Frédéric Lapinsonniere is from Reunion Island. He began his training at the Reunion Conservatory in theater and opera singing. Graduated from Censier Paris 3 with a master’s degree in performing arts. He continued his practical training at the École Claude Mathieu. At the same time, he trained in clowning with Hélène Cinque and Jacques Hadjaje, as well as in puppetry with Johanny Bert. Since then he has played various repertoires of classical and contemporary theater from Georges Feydeau to Joël Pommerat. He also works with the Company Do you want to pieces based on writing on stage. He also shot in two short films.

Olenka Ilunga

Olenka Ilunga plays the role of Laura in the Ultra far series

©Jean-Philippe BALTEL/FTV

  • Olenka Ilunga plays the role of Laura. His character in the series comes from Reunion. Her secret goal is to meet her father whom she never knew.

Olenka Ilunga is from Belgium and Reunion. Since childhood, she has had two hobbies: dancing and acting. In Brussels, she took theater and declamation lessons at the Municipal Academy of Auderghem. She continued her theatrical course at the Regional Conservatory of Reunion. At the end of her year in preparatory class at the Union Academy, Olenka joined the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art (CNSAD) in Paris (Class of 2022). She has already acted in short and feature films, acted in plays and in another web series.


Giovani Mole who interprets the role of Jordan in the Ultra far series

©Jean-Philippe BALTEL/FTV

  • Giovanni Mole perform the role of Jordan. His character lost his footing in Martinique and moved away from his family after too much stupidity. His arrival in France gives him the opportunity to reinvent himself and find his way.

Giovani took improvisation and theater lessons in Montreuil. He was part of the workshop of the Lion King at the Mogador theater in Paris. He has acted in several short films including Tjenbe Red directed by Chloé Léonil, the director ofUltra Far.

Chara Afouhouye

Chara Afouhouye interprets the role of Emilie in the series Ultra loin.

©Jean-Philippe BALTEL/FTV

  • Chara Afouhouye perform the role ofEmily. His character takes advantage of the distance with her Guyanese family from whom she hides her homosexuality to live her love in broad daylight.

Chara is originally from Guyana and Suriname. In high school, she enrolled in the only literary class offering a theater specialty in Guyana. At the same time, she joined amateur theater companies (Compagnie funnel theater in Guyana, Company Maztek). At the end of his year in preparatory class at the Union Academy, Chara joined the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art (CNSAD) in Paris (Class of 2022).

Malaurie Lefèvre interprets the role of Mallory.

Malaurie Lefèvre interprets the role of Mallory in the series Ultra loin.

©Jean-Philippe BALTEL/FTV

  • Malaurie Lefevre plays the role of Mallory. His character is the only one in her family to study and her relatives place a lot of hope in her. But that does not erase the difficulty of living far from his family who have remained in Guadeloupe.

Malaurie Lefèvre has acted in two short films and acted in plays. Before Ultra Farshe shot in the series Reuss of Théo Jourdain and Mohamed Chabane.

Arnold Mensah plays the role of Amingo.

Arnold Mensah interprets the role of Amingo in the Ultra far series.

©Jean-Philippe BALTEL/FTV

  • Arnold Mensah plays the role ofAmigo. His character criticizes France and its relationship to the former colonies. What the Martinican is experiencing in France does not delight him, in particular the racism of which he is sometimes a victim because of his skin color. But that doesn’t stop him from meeting great people.

Arnold Mensah started the theater with the association budding theatre, in Plaisir, in the Yvelines. He was then trained first at the conservatory of Plaisir then at the conservatory of the XIVth arrondissement of Paris with Nathalie Bécue. He continued this training for three years at the Darius Milhaud Conservatory. In 2018, he obtained the National Higher Professional Diploma of Actor, after a course at the National School of Dramatic Art of National Theater of Brittany. He played a teenager alongside Nathalie Bécue in White square, the first feature film by Jean-Baptiste Leonetti. He has already appeared in television series like Criminal Tropics.

Gaudéric Maléjac interprets the role Thibaut.

Gaudéric Maléjac interprets the role Thibaut in the series Ultra loin

©Jean-Philippe BALTEL/FTV

  • Gauderic Malejac plays the role Thibaut. His character is suffering: born in Tahiti, he is not the most considered of the roommate while he seeks above all to integrate.

Gaudéric Maléjac studied at the cconservatory of the 19th century in Paris and followed theater courses at the Atelier Blanche Salant. Before ultra far, he acted in the short film Like grown-ups directed by Ania Gauer and Julien Gauthier.

Immanuelle Mangatalle Carey

Immanuelle Mangatalle Carey interprets the role of Shekina in the Ultra far series

©Jean-Philippe BALTEL/FTV

  • Immanuelle Mangatalle Carey perform the role of Shekinah. His character dreams of being admitted to the Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique but she quickly realizes that it is a handicap not to have had the same access to the theater in Martinique as her Parisian comrades.

Immanuelle Mangatalle Carey is from Martinique and the United States. Raised in an artistic environment, she explored different worlds from an early age: singing, cinema, dance… At the end of her year in preparatory class at the Académie de l’Union in Limoges, Immanuelle joined the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art (CNSAD) in Paris (Class of 2022).

Mahealani Amaru

Mahealani Amaru interprets the role of Moeata in the Ultra far series

©Jean-Philippe BALTEL/FTV

  • Mahealani Amaru perform the role of Moeata. She plays the role of a very diligent medical student. She almost never leaves the roommate in the hope of passing the medical examination.

Mahealani is originally from Tahiti. Gold medalist in Tahitian dance (the ‘ori Tahiti), in 2018 she obtained her Diploma of Traditional Studies at the Artistic Conservatory of French Polynesia Te Fare Upa Rau. She also took courses in Tahitian public speaking (the ‘orero), a discipline that is similar to theater in many ways. The ‘orero allowed him to have another look at the theater. At the end of his year in the preparatory class, Mahealani joined the Academy of the Union.

Houdhayfi Said Djae plays the role of Ali.

Houdhayfi Said Djae interprets the role of Ali in the Ultra far series

©Jean-Philippe BALTEL/FTV

  • Houdhayfi Said Djae perform the role of Ali. Moeata and Ali are in a relationship. Like his girlfriend, he is a medical school student. They have repeated their first year and are working hard to pass the exams. Fusion, they are always together and don’t have much of a party spirit, which irritates Shekina a lot.

Several actors in the series knew each other before filming. There is a preparatory class in Limoges to enter the major theater schools, intended for students from overseas. Olenka (Laura), Chara (Émilie), Immanuelle (Shékina) and Mahealani (Moeata) all come from this formation.

Showing the diversity within the overseas populations themselves is at the heart of this mockumentary (mockumentary within the fiction) of 8 twenty-minute episodes. With the mockumentary process, theThe characters are aware of the presence of cameras following them everywhere. By following our roommates on a daily basis, the mockumentary brings precious moments of complicity with the characters when they confide in front of the camera, play with the cameramen, or when the film crew follows them into their private lives and reveals their little secrets. .

The mockumentary makes it possible to be as close as possible to the experiences of uprooting but also to the learning and development of the various protagonists by following them on a daily basis.

Duration : 8 x 20 minutes
Writing : Chloé Léonil and Etienne Chédeville
Achievement : Chloe Leonil
Production : Augustine Bernard
A co-production : Black Sheep Films – Shine Fiction, with the participation of France Télévisions

“Ultra Loin”: who are the actors in the essential back-to-school series? – Overseas the 1st