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Afro Kids Day (poster)

The Panafrican-Umoja League is launching, on September 24, 2022, a new concept: “Umoja Afro Kids Day*”. This is a day dedicated to children and Afrocentric education, in partnership with the Front de Mères.

The Verdragon space, located at 14, rue de l’Épine prolonged, in Bagnolet (93170) was chosen as the setting to house the Umoja Afro Kids Day. During this day, animators and speakers will have the mission to offer young and old an unforgettable journey through gastronomy, music, culture and African history. “Very beautiful playful and educational moments await the children who will be actors of this day”, says the organization.

Children will be transported to the flavors of Africa with Chef Alexandre Bella Ola and to the taste universe of chocolate with the social and solidarity chocolate factory Fvier d’Or. A great opportunity for them to discover their rich musical heritage through an introduction to Afro-beat, the practice of percussion or the expression of rap as a vector of poetry.

During the ceremony, the useful will be combined with the pleasant, since culture will combine with history in the playful route of the Black Panther exhibition which will be open all day. A program that will allow children to find puzzles and try to win a surprise. For its part, the Pan-African School Isikholé Sokhokho will be responsible for taking teenagers to the Mali Empire of the 12th century with the incredible adventure of Soundjata Keita.

In the process, the storyteller Griot Binda Ngazolo will change into the skin and voice of his characters to captivate his audience. The story does not end there, since the projection of the film (extract) of the Great Pyramid K2019 will immerse them in the footsteps of the Negro-Egyptian ancestors, these first architects of humanity. An opportunity for teenagers to “create their own origami pyramid and see it sparkle at the same time as a new vocation for science is born!”

The activities have been designed in the form of free workshops upon pre-registration, round tables or conferences. At the end of this day, parents and children will be able to leave with the Afro Kids Kit*, a terrarium and lots of stars in their eyes. All of the programming as well as registration for the workshops is done via

*Umoja Afro Kids Day: The Day of Afro-descendant children
*Afro Kids Kit: a list of Afrocentric educational materials, which will allow each parent to accompany their children and transmit African culture to them.

Pan-African League-Umoja

Founded in 2012, the Panafrican-Umoja League is an international political organization totally self-financed by its members. Its vocation is political unity, independence
economic and cultural renaissance of Africa. It is chaired by the historian Amzat Boukari-Yabara.

Front of Mothers

Born in 2016, the Front de Mères is a political organization that fights against discrimination and violence against children, through the collective action of parents in schools and a self-organization project in working-class neighborhoods.

“Umoja Afro Kids Day”: Afro-descendant children in the spotlight