Uruguay and the deterioration of union quality that harms children

Lately we have observed how some workers’ unions -from different areas- have lost one of the fundamental values ​​that they should observe and that have already disappeared and seem to be supplanted by actions that have more to do with the ideological than with the human part.

As an example it is worth mentioning the Association of Municipal Employees and Workers from Montevideo (ADEOM), which has set conditions for the delivery of toys to the children of its members of that union for next January 6, Three Kings Day. ADEOM will deliver its gifts next year, only to children whose parents prove, with evidence, that they have made the general strike that called by the Pit-Cnt for last Thursday, September 15 as a condition to receive gifts from the Three Kings for their children, said the general secretary of ADEOM, Valeria Ripollin dialogue with Underlined (Channel 10).

They even announce it from the website of said municipal union.

So, if the father or mother of the child is affiliated with ADEOM and fulfills the “duty” of not working that day, their children will have a Christmas present; Otherwise, if they decide to show up to do their work on a strike day, those punished will be the minors, who will “pay” for what their parents have done.

The food plate of the students in the schools “is not essential” for the teachers’ union

On the other hand, the Uruguayan teachers’ union understands that “feeding students in schools is not essential,” according to the union leader’s words. Soledad Moraes to channel 10. “Food should not be the priority of education, but teaching, and that other actors should be in charge of what food is,” he asserted.

For this reason, the Uruguayan Federation of Teachers-Workers of Primary Education (FUM-TEP) decided to stop making union guards on strike days, so that the food service that was given in schools to children would stop being provided. , from now on. With this measure, the teachers’ union leaves more than 300,000 children without a plate of food.

Undoubtedly, those affected are the children, who have in their schools, the necessary daily food that is now in danger, because the teachers understand that food has nothing to do with education. They do not go hand in hand, according to them. It does not matter that this plate of food serves to nourish many children from deprived homes and the daily lunch is vital for these minors.

The Armed Forces offer to support school meals during strikes

The Minister of National Defense, Javier García, made reference this Thursday on his Twitter account to the decision of the teachers not to carry out union guards during the strike days and made the Armed Forces available. to support school feeding during strikes

Garcia stated that “Among adults we can discuss, but with the feeding of the gurises we do not play”he highlighted.

We have presented only two cases that demonstrate union deterioration, with measures that directly affect children and make clear the poor discernment of some groups where the ideological prevails, before reason and humanity.

Uruguay and the deterioration of union quality that harms children