UV Theater Festival will pay tribute to Francisco Beverido and Manuel Montoro

The Universidad Veracruzana (UV), the highest house of studies of the Entity, celebrates the 31st edition of its renowned University Theater Festival, whose realization has become a characteristic seal for the area of ​​the arts that has been so closely related to the history of this university.

And it is that the UV, considered the rector Martín Aguilar Sánchez at the inauguration, represents one of the most important axes for the development of the theater, where consecrated creators, actors and students in training find a platform for linking with new and old audiences.

So the main purpose of the University Theater Festival is to serve as a meeting point for different school communities that show off their artistic style through various stage proposals.

The 31st edition of this longstanding tradition of the University, started in 1967, is a special celebration. It pays homage to prominent local and national theater figures whose intellectual legacy gave great impetus to the development of art in this region of Mexico. Therefore, the festival is dedicated to the playwrights Manuel Montoro, Guillermo Barclay and Francisco Beverido.

This is an edition that offers a decentralized programming, with activities in various state venues so that the theater leaves Xalapa and reaches other locations where the UV is present, highlighted the Organizing Committee.

The current celebration renews its programming to bet on interdisciplinarity, where different regions contribute for a single cause to discard the idea that the dissemination of culture and the arts is subject to an academic technicality, but that it is a powerful and very recreational instrument for the development of society.

To carry out this Festival, the Organizing Committee headed by the ORTEUV was joined by the faculties of Theatre, Letters, History, Pedagogy, the UVI Grandes Montañas and the Bachelors of Arts from the four UV regions, coordinated by the Cultural Diffusion unit together to the vice-rectories of Poza Rica-Tuxpan, Orizaba-Córdoba, Veracruz and Coatzacoalcos-Minatitlán.

The decision to renew the festival, previously in charge of a single general coordinator, was made under a thoughtful consensus resolved by the Organizing Committee in which all the academic entities that make it up participated, said the head of Cultural Diffusion.

After the simple but emotional tributes, the Festival begins with the participation of the group “La Butaquita Teatro”, from the Coatzacoalcos-Minatitlán Region.

All of them have been inviting the public to accompany them this Thursday, November 17, starting at 5:00 p.m. in the Emilio Carballido Hall, of the State Theater. Tickets can be obtained for free at http://m3kntl.boletopolis.com/you can also go directly to the Theater to have access.

In these events, sanitary measures will be maintained, carrying the use of face masks inside and outside the room. For more details of the Festival, the program can be found on the page of

UV Theater Festival will pay tribute to Francisco Beverido and Manuel Montoro