Vara advances that work is being done in a “discreet” way so that Extremadura “is” in the green hydrogen connections


The President of the Government of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Varahas advanced that they are “deeply committed” Y working “very discreetly” in order to achieve that, the the next year when it is decided where the green hydrogen connections in Spain, “Extremadura is”, and both in the “north south” axis and in the “east west” axis.

“Someone can say ‘yes, of course, instead of worrying about the roads, now you worry about these roads,” added Vara, who stressed that “these are going to be the roads of the 21st century” and the ones that will bring wealth , prosperity and the future, as well as being “the best antibodies against immigration”.

During the inauguration of Expoenergea in Badajoz, Fernández Vara has delved into the fact that Extremadura is one of the “best treated” regions in electrical planning in Spain, “great news” in relation to which he added that “another effort must be made “, the fact that in the new hydrogen pipes the region “is present”.

“Because that is the second part, the first part is everything that has had to do with renewables and derived from there with the use of lithium for batteries, but there is a second part that is the use of hydrogen, green hydrogen” , has assessed, along with that “one is on the roads or not”.

This was stated during his speech on the occasion of the inauguration at ‘El Hospital’ in Badajoz of the Expoenergea 2022 fair, in which he referred to the fact that, after major events such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the war of Ukraine that have affected the whole world and also in energy matters, they have begun to look for places where there may be renewable energy, mainly wind, solar or biomass, and “this is beginning to be distributed.”

In this way, “we began an important career in which each one of us has done, I think, what we were obliged to”, while stressing that at this time Extremadura, “just as it was in the past with other sources of energy”, is now a “reference throughout” the country, and has detailed that 26 percent of all the photovoltaic energy that is currently installed in Spain is installed in the Extremadura region.

And it is that, for Vara, “being important the fact that there are new sources of non-polluting energy”, the “most important thing is what has come after it”, something that he believes that everyone has “assumed” because “obviously if we have sources of cheaper and also non-polluting energy, that must indisputably be the scenario”, to insist that “the best came later” when they began to “notice” the consequences that this had.

The first of these, and which he describes as “enormously transcendent”, involves the fact that the industry, especially the intensive one in energy consumption, is no longer only looking for those places where there may be solar panels on top of the houses, but also These could be on top of the factories and, at the same time, photovoltaic plants next to the factories and connected to them to facilitate production, to which he stated that “this has changed our lives”.


In this sense, the president of Extremadura has emphasized that Extremadura, when viewed from a perspective of years, will see that in these years and that “this decade is going to be absolutely, from the historical point of view, descriptive as the moment in which Extremadura entered a new time”, in which the industries that were previously installed in the north have begun to look for a place in the south as they have the “cheaper” energy and, as a consequence of that, “the best way for the income statement will come out.”

“A project to install a supercapacitor factory in the Badajoz Logistics Platform does not come here by chance, it comes because it is interested”, he remarked, just as a gigabattery factory does not come to Navalmoral “because they like us” but “because they like interested” and they believe that “here they are going to do very well”; nor does the semiconductor diamond factory do it in Trujillo “by chance” but “because it believes that it will do well”, as is also believed by the projected sugar factory in Mérida.

In this regard, he pointed out, from an economic point of view, the “enormous potential” of the community of Extremadura and that “today” one of the regions of Europe that “companies are most interested in for their future is called Extremadura” , at the same time that he has highlighted the importance of the training that is carried out at the University of Extremadura and that of “aligning all led towards the same objective” and that “that destiny is to ensure that this land is never again a land of emigration, but immigration, and never again be a forgotten land, quite the opposite”.


The vice president of the Extremadura Energy Cluster, organized by Expoenergea, Ana Isabel Ruiz, also spoke at the event, who highlighted the relevance of this year’s 2022 edition for those who make up the sector, given that the decision to hold this fair in the heart of Badajoz is a “firm and decisive” step to bring citizens closer to the “important” work of companies in promoting clean and renewable sources.

Thus, Expoenergea is an edition of “open doors to the rest of society” and an opportunity for the actors involved in the sector to interact with each other, as well as being the first edition of Expoenergea organized by the Extremadura Energy Cluster, in In which visitors and participants will also be able to learn about highly relevant public and private projects, together with technical conferences on bioenergy, electric mobility and energy transition and parallel activities, such as those aimed at energy-related schoolchildren or an employment forum.

In turn, the first vice president of the Badajoz Provincial Council, Ricardo Cabezas, has reviewed some of the projects launched by the provincial institution in relation to the energy transition, such as the Movem plan, the charging station network or the Smart Province project , while the mayor of Badajoz, Ignacio Gragera, has added initiatives from the city council such as those related to the renewal of the bus fleet or this Thursday with the start of the renewal of the cleaning and waste collection service fleet.

The inaugural act concluded with the delivery of the Expoenergea Awards, which have distinguished the University of Extremadura in the public entity modality, the Efical company in the private entity modality, and the special award to Rosendo García, from Mercado Biomasa.

Speaking to the media before the inauguration, the president of the Extremadura Energy Cluster, Vicente Sánchez, explained that the day will talk about energy in general, renewables and their importance in the lives of citizens at the private and business level, as well as that “mainly” they want to put “on the table” what is being done in the region and empower small and medium-sized businesses.

Likewise, he has asserted that they are in a “sweet moment” for the sector and that the current situation of the rise in rates means that “everyone” has worried “increasingly” about installing renewable energy facilities that lower the bill , at the same time that he has assessed that Extremadura has a “great advantage” with photovoltaics given its hours of sunshine, but that, like Spain, it is “lagging behind” with respect to self-consumption compared to other countries such as Germany, with much fewer hours of sunshine but that “they have been self-consuming for 20 or 25 years”.

Vara advances that work is being done in a “discreet” way so that Extremadura “is” in the green hydrogen connections