Wednesday: Guide to the cast and characters of Tim Burton’s Netflix series

Let’s discover together all the characters of Tim Burton’s awaited television series!

It will come out on November 23 on Netflix and it makes complete sense that it’s a Wednesday and not the usual Friday. It makes complete sense why the product in question is Wednesdaythe television series in eight episodes made by Tim Burton which will tell the school and non-scholastic adventures of Wednesday Addams. On the occasion of the streaming release, let’s try to find out something more about the protagonists of the awaited television series.

1. Jenna Ortega is Wednesday Addams, the protagonist of Wednesday

One can only start from her, Wednesday Addams, the protagonist of Tim Burton’s TV series, played by Jenna Ortega. We are used to seeing a little Wednesday in films and series dedicated to the Addams family. In the Netflix series the leap is evident: we will be dealing with a fifteen-year-old girl just entering high school, the Nevermore Academy, where all sorts of things will happen. Jenna Ortega, who made her film debut in Iron Man 3, she is not new to horror-tinged productions. Appeared in the last chapter of Screamthe actress also took part in the acclaimed X: A Sexy Horror Story by Ti West.

2. Catherine Zeta-Jones will play Morticia Addams, a super-glamorous mother


Catherine Zeta-Jones plays the glamorous Wednesday Addams’ mother, Morticia. As almost always happens in the mother-daughter relationship, between the two women the nerves are often tense and the first is a frequent source of embarrassment for the second, who would like to leave the maternal shadow cone. Morticia Addams also attended the Nevermore Academy, and moreover with brilliant results, but keep some secrets relating to those years that he would prefer to remain so.

3. Luis Guzmán is Gomez Addams, Wednesday’s father


Unlike his wife, Gomez Addams doesn’t have as deep a relationship with daughter Wednesday as he does with son Pugsley. The character is played by Luiz Guzmán, a rather familiar face to serial productions. He and Morticia met during their Nevermore Academy years and the love between the two is still as on as the first day. But beware: despite the peaceful exterior, even Gomez Addams keeps some potentially dangerous secrets.

4. Isaac Ordonez as Pugsley Addams, the younger brother


Pugsley is Wednesday Addams’ younger brother and will be played by Isaac Ordonez in the series. He shouldn’t have much room inside Wednesdaybut only appearing in a few episodes. But we are sure that she will still be able to leave her mark.

5. Victor Dorobantu is Mano and needs no introduction

tim burton lucca

Well, Mano is perhaps one of the most iconic members of the Addams family. Maybe along with Uncle Fester. In Wednesday will be played (yes, you read that right: played) by Victor Dorobantu, a Romanian magician specializing in hand tricks. Mano should have plenty of space within the television series. It will accompany Wednesday inside the Nevermore Academy and will be a fixed point for her, a sort of emotional support. In addition to being the protagonist, as he was in the movies, of many hilarious moments.

6. Fred Armisen plays the famous Uncle Fester

Wednesday - Cinematographe

He is one of the few adults that Wednesday trusts and is too one of the few always ready to lend a hand to his niece, thanks to his knowledge of the dark arts. We are talking of course about Uncle Fester who in Wednesday will have the features of Fred Armisen.

7. Gwendoline Christie as Larissa Weems, principal of Nevermore Academy


The principal of Nevermore Academy, Larissa Weems, has the face of Gwendoline Christiewhich became famous thanks to Game of thrones. She is a character who has already had dealings with the Addams family – and in particular with Morticia – so much so that, if she wanted, she could count on a close relationship with Wednesday. It just might, though. Because Weems’ relationship with the Addams Family it’s anything but friendly. This is how her interpreter describes it: “Weems is a cruelly neglected woman for much of her life. She achieved her dream of becoming the principal of the school where she was the second best [battuta proprio da Morticia]. Now she is forced to face her past once again in the form of Wednesday, the daughter of his old nemesis Morticia Addams“.

8. Christina Ricci is Marilyn Thornhill, a professor at Nevermore Academy


From Wednesday to… Wednesday. Christina Ricci was the historical interpreter of Wednesday Addams neither The Addams family (1991) and its sequel, a role that launched her into the Hollywood star system. Recall from Netflix, the actress will not reprise her role, but will be Marilyn Thornhill, a teacher at Nevermore Academy. Around her character still hovers the mystery. It is only known that she will appear in all eight episodes of the series. So she will probably have a rather important role.

9. Emma Myers is Enid Sinclair, light and color of Wednesday


She was presented as the polar opposite to the protagonist. Enid Sinclair, played by Emma Myers, is the roommate on Wednesday and she couldn’t be more different from her: colorful and bright clothes, chatty, fully participating in the school spirit. However, the two girls will be able to find a common ground on which to build their relationship.

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Wednesday: Guide to the cast and characters of Tim Burton’s Netflix series