WWF Caserta with the schools, the week of the Tree Festival ended |

A week dedicated to our tree friends ends today, November 24th. The WWF Caserta attended to well 4 events with schools. On Monday 21 November two appointments with the children of the IC De Filippo – Plesso Rossella of San Nicola la Strada and with the students of the IC Uccella of Santa Maria Capua Vetere.

In San Nicola, the children of the Nursery School have planted a small citrus fruit calling it “Clementino”, thanks to the sensitivity of the teachers and the new Headmaster, prof. Giovanni Spalice, who, immediately after taking office, wanted to organize a series of meetings and events with the WWF Caserta, with a busy schedule until next spring. Antonietta Cimmino and Renato Perillo were present for the WWF Caserta.

In Santa Maria Capua Vetere we have been at home at the IC Uccella for years, thanks to our activist Prof. Giovanni Pastore and the Director Prof. Silvana Valletta, who have organised, together with all the teaching staff and the students, a significant event with planting of a small olive tree, preceded by a report on the importance of urban greenery by the President Carmela Biondo and the Councilor Antonio Pellegrino. Also this year the Municipal Administration did not miss the presence of her with the Councilor Edda De Iasio, always close to the local schools and sensitive to environmental issues.


On Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th November, the young students of San Nicola la Strada, IC Capol DD, the Infant School of Via Milano and Viale Europa were once again the protagonists. Thanks to the volcanic teachers of the two complexes and to the always attentive presence of the Director Prof.ssa Patrizia Merola, six small holm oaks have been planted in the Villa Comunale, donated by the Forest Service of the Campania Region. The choice was not accidental: we preferred native, long-lived trees that are well suited to our climatic conditions, which are increasingly hotter and drier. In the chosen flowerbed there was already a bigger holm oak which, in the children’s imagination, became the mother of the little ones who arrived, who were immediately baptized with invented names written on a sign on display next to each one. At the end of the simple but touching event, the children sang songs and recited poems praising our friend the tree, truly a dear friend, and were therefore named “Guardians of the Forest”, who were given the task of watching over their small holm oak forest.

WWF Caserta’s commitments for the current school year will also be numerous with this school, until late spring. As always, thanks go to the Municipal Administration of San Nicola la Strada, represented by the Councilor for Education Maria Natale, always attentive and present, and to the Municipal Civil Protection Unit, coordinated by the tireless Ciro De Maio, who never does lack of support for the initiatives of the WWF Caserta: the volunteers Emilio Oliva, Antonio Senneca and Francesco Ciaramella were close to the children and the Panda activists, Antonietta Cimmino, Corrado Romano and Renato Perillo, to complete two demanding days, with over 100 children aged 4-5, accompanied from the School to the Villa Comunale and back and assisted, together with the attentive teachers, during the event.

The almost forty-year commitment of the WWF Caserta in schools will continue throughout the school year with other meetings in numerous Institutes of all levels of the Province of Caserta, inside and outside the classrooms: we are certain that only by making nature known up close to young people of all ages, we will be able to hope to have citizens and future administrators who are sensitive, aware and convinced that “we are Nature”: only in a healthy and balanced environment can Man live in dignity on this Earth, fraternally sharing this small and by now crowded planet with its other inhabitants, plants and animals. “We keep what we love, we love what we understand, we understand what they taught us” (Baba Dioum, Minister and environmentalist, Senegal)

The Panda Team of WWF Caserta


WWF Caserta with the schools, the week of the Tree Festival ended |