Sos school: more than half of the staff is missing in the Reatino area. Many institutions risk not opening

RIETI – The serious shortage of staff, especially school collaborators, is putting a strain on the functionality of schools. The alarm is raised by the provincial secretary of Snals, Luciano Isceri, who returns to the topic of Ata staff, who among school collaborators and secretarial staff saw 27 thousand empty seats in Italy after retirement … Read more

Italy to the vote, all parties have major projects on the School: the public sector most cut in the last 15 years

Here we are, enough with the programs: the time has come political elections. Before and for the entire duration of the opening of the polls, therefore until 11.00 pm on Sunday 25 September, no politician will be able to speak anymore. Also because what they had to say they have said and reiterated several times … Read more

In India a perfect storm on school and ‘made in Bologna’ family homes


BOLOGNA – Overwhelmed by the “perfect disaster”. The pandemic first, then the war and now inflation and sting on the bills they hit schools and family homes active in India but ‘Made in Bologna’. It is since 1996 that an organization from Bologna, Namasteoperates in two states in the South Asian country, Kerala and Tamil … Read more

From Prato to Ireland for school


Grow professionally by trying an experience of PCTO (former school-work alternation) of European breadth, which had Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, as its stage. This is what the professional institute “Guglielmo Marconi” of Prato has carried out in recent months, together with twelve of its students, through the VETTER project.Promoting VET attractiveness … Read more

Segments equal to or less than six hours: they can be assigned to teachers on duty in the school, only if authorized

The segments equal to or less than six hours can be assigned to teachers on duty in the same school, where there is availability, only if in possession of the specific qualification. Question One of our readers writes: I am a precarious teacher and I was assigned a chair of geography (18 hours) from GPS … Read more

Can Yaman: «I am beautiful? Others remind me of it. I graduated in law and at school I was a nerd “


from Chiara Maffioletti The actor will be on TV from 30 September in prime time on Canale 5 with the series Viola come il mare: It wasn’t easy to start from scratch, but I was determined There are actors, there are much loved actors and then there is Can Yaman , which deserves a separate … Read more

School, boom in appeals for failures. Requested up to 700 thousand euros


Come on desks from school to those of the courtrooms. Increasingly parents they turn to judges to contest the failures and votes in school report of the children. A growing phenomenon, which sees, for the month of September alone, almost ten sentences issued by the Tar of Lecce following judgments brought against the decisions of … Read more

High school courses of CPIA, IIS Penna and IIS Artom presented


On Wednesday 21 September, the High School Pathways of CPIA, IIS Penna and IIS Artom were presented at the Piazza Leonardo da Vinci headquarters of the Asti State Institute of Adult Education (CPIA 1 Asti). In the presence of the School Managers, the paths were illustrated to the students.Particularly exciting was the intervention of former … Read more

From teachers to “retrain” to the Italian anthem sung in every school: the symbolic phrases of Patrizio Bianchi

With the vote of 25 September, the Draghi Government is closed and the mandate of Patrizio Bianchi at the helm of the Ministry of Education ends definitively, after the current affairs phase, except for sensational twists. The university professor from Ferrara, during his commitment at Viale Trastevere, was the protagonist of reforms, circulars and decrees … Read more