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Conad Nord Ovest and Conad ETS Foundation together forthe Don Claudio Pisaneschi Kindergarten A historic, engaging and hopeful moment that took place this afternoon for the inauguration of the new school year of the Don Claudio Pisaneschi Kindergarten in Casalguidi in Pistoia. Much more than an inauguration for the local community of Casalguidi and the … Read more

Aims and functions of the new portal on all the homes and properties data of every Italian at the start now


The objective behind the creation of the new portal 2022-2023 with the data of houses and properties of each Italian is stated: know the energy performance so as to verify whether the facilities provided to make the structures more sustainable have been used or not. Hence the creation of a large database which contains information … Read more

Reading aloud by teachers promotes academic success: improves overall motor skills and CVI in children. The study

Tuscany Region – The boys and girls in the nursery increase their ability to control global motor skills, coordination and manipulative skills by up to 29.7%; in kindergarten the ability to solve problems within social situations increases by 82%; for primary school pupils the Verbal Comprehension Index (ICV), that is the ability to formulate and … Read more

The “Emotions” in kindergarten: the identification of moods in a project

“Emotions – writes Elmer in a valuable article – influence more than you can imagine: motivation, learning, decision-making, connection and much more” even if, sometimes, during some great challenges, emotions can seem more of a burden. what a blessing. Emotions in themselves can be powerful and in fact they really are especially in early childhood, … Read more

Bad weather over the weekend: storms and landslides, orange alert in 3 regions, yellow in 14

Because of the adverse weather conditions that affect a large part of our peninsula, the Civil protection has planned for today, 30 September, theorange alert by sectors of Tuscany, Molise and Campania and theyellow alert in 14 regions. TO Naples will remain closed to the public all the city parks, Castel dell’Ovo and Maschio Angioino. … Read more

Specific learning disorders, causes and symptoms


According to statistics, in Italy they affect 2.5-3.5% of subjects in developmental age. We are talking about specific ailments learning (DSA), or deficits concerning a specific skill domain (writing, calculating, reading). The ability to learn is fundamental not only in the school environment, in fact it is one of the essential bases for the construction … Read more

Fashion and costume in the eighteenth century | Studenti.it


EIGHTEENTH CENTURY FASHION Fashion and costumes in the 1700s – Source: getty-images In the eighteenth century in Europe we witness a process of restoration of the monarchies in France and England. The population comes out of a long period characterized by sobriety to start getting lost in greater luxury. There both male and female fashion … Read more

Conditionings: what they are, where they come from, how to get rid of them | Studenti.it


What are the conditioning? In our daily life we are continually influenced by conditioning of any kind: on fashion; on values; on music; on politics and any other area. How we are influenced depends on many factors, internal and external, that are important to know in order to act with awareness. Conditioning has long been … Read more