February school holidays: towards beautiful winter weather

School holidays begin this weekend for the A-area (Besançon, Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon, Grenoble, Limoges, Lyon and Poitiers), while zone C (Créteil, Montpellier, Paris, Toulouse and Versailles) will close the march on March 5. There is therefore a large calendar amplitude which leads to large weather fluctuations at this time of the year when we are … Read more


Students from the Demba Diop high school in Mbour, grouped together in a collective, have been on strike for a few days to demand that the government lighten the content of the school program which they consider too heavy. A new grievance from learners and an old claim from unions who are now pleading for … Read more

Fight against school dropout: preparatory learning, a new way to work


At Haute-Corse apprentice training center43 young people have benefited from this national scheme, which targets school dropouts. The training is free and allows you to define a professional project to sign a apprenticeship contract with an employer. Fight against school dropout through inclusion in the company. The preparatory-learning system deployed at national level by the … Read more

School ghettos: what solutions?


1. Options Balance sheet classes, classes with flexible hours plastic arts, music, sports sections… 1. Options Balance sheet classes, classes with flexible hours plastic arts, music, sports sections… There is a whole range of options to strengthen the training offer of an establishment and therefore its attractiveness. So much for the theory. Because practice shows … Read more

Two Francophone women win school by


Anna-Karyna Ruszkowski has been elected school trustee for zone 3 of the Conseil scolaire Viamonde. Rhea Dechaine won the election in zone 4 of the MonAvenir Catholic School Board. According to the preliminary results, the two winners both managed to collect more than half of the votes. Preparing for the opening of Greenwood High School … Read more

Schools: here is where teaching posts could be cut in Lot


Through Anaelle Mountain Published on 23 Jan 23 at 17:25 updated on 23 Jan 23 at 17:30 Republican Lot-et-Garonne See my news Follow this media Parents and their children back to school. In September 2023, 10 teaching posts could be cut in Lot-et-Garonne. (©The Republican 47) The ax has fallen: at the start of the … Read more

Toul. On the menu of school canteens from January 23 to 27


Monday Admiral-de-Rigny College: green salad / American salad / rolled up ham / pineapple tomatoes, Italian-style hake fillet, chicken tagine with olives and limes, rice with vegetables / Creole rice / sautéed zucchini, goat cheese cheese / local natural yogurt, donuts with sugar/fruit/fruit yoghurts. College and high school Valcourt: seasonal raw vegetables, homemade sauerkraut, sustainably … Read more

School bullying: a document to target the signals that should alert parents


Through Chloe Berry Published on 21 Jan 23 at 18:07 News See my news Follow this media School bullying affects 700,000 students in France. (© Jean-Paul BARBIER) According to a Ifop poll carried out in March 2021, 41% of French people report having suffered at least one act of repeated and continuous physical or psychological … Read more

The City of Marseille is taking action for schools and launching the 2023 projects | City of Marseilles


More than ever committed to restoring territorial equity and guaranteeing dignified learning conditions for schoolchildren, the City of Marseille launches the 2023 school renovation projects. Priority of the municipal majority, the renovation plan for the 470 schools in Marseille, launched in October 2021, continues in 2023, with the aim of renovating or creating 174 schools. … Read more