Prime Minister Victoire Tomégah

Pupils throughout the national territory returned to school on September 26, 2022, for the 2022-2023 school year. After more than two months of vacation, schools have once again opened their doors for 9 months of lessons. To see the effectiveness and the conditions of this recovery, the head of government, Victoire Tomégah-Dogbé, visited certain schools … Read more

At the time of the new school year, students face a stress machine

COLCANOPA Has the school system become a stress machine? At a time when 12.1 million students return to school, college and high school, Thursday 1er and Friday, September 2, the question deserves to be asked. The mental health of adolescents is the subject “many alerts” from the “medical circles”insisted Pap Ndiaye, the Minister of National … Read more

Quality education in Burkina: The National Center for Textbooks and School Supplies is unveiled


The National Center for Textbooks and School Supplies (CENAMAFS) hosted a press conference this Friday, September 23, 2022 in Ouagadougou to present the structure and its missions. It also involved mobilizing populations and school partners with a view to making textbooks and school supplies accessible for quality education. The day’s discussions focused on five points, … Read more

Social mix: the private college isolates itself


In middle school, the population gap between the public and private sectors continues to grow. While the social mix is ​​stable in the first, the second welcomes more and more students from very privileged backgrounds. A social segregation that promotes inequalities. Social diversity continues to decline in private colleges. According a Depp study published in … Read more

L’autonomie des établissements scolaires, un remède à la crise de notre système éducatif ?


Des définitions et des clarifications sont nécessaires pour surmonter les confusions et les malentendus qui font de l’autonomie scolaire un tabou dans notre pays. La première partie du livre établit le type d’autonomie qui convient aux établissements scolaires publics dont le statut est déterminé par la loi : une autonomie de gestion des moyens alloués … Read more



Put down the pens, take out the swimsuits… In Montluçon (Allier), the students of the Paul-Constans high school have had a new sports complex for their PE lessons since September 15th. Indeed, the first phase of the work was completed on time, within two short weeks, for their return. Farewell to the old site, too … Read more

Offering school supplies, supporting seniors, donating electricity… Six ideas for action


♦ Rediscover the tranquility of the oceans If the oceans represent nearly 70% of the surface of the globe, the tranquility, in these vast expanses of water, has given way to cacophony. “Noise pollution emitted by global maritime traffic has increased thirty-two times over the past fifty years”, says Noé Swynghedauw, campaign manager at the … Read more

Mr. President, your “New Public Management” is not our “School of the future”!


The President of the Republic has made his “School of the future” tested in Marseille the alpha and omega of his education policy and his vision of our education system for the years to come. Directly inspired by the “New Public Management” promoted in particular by Jean-Michel Blanquer in his book “The school of tomorrow” … Read more

CO2 sensors in schools: the Government extends the exceptional aid granted to local authorities until December 31, 2022 – Ministry of Health and Prevention


At the start of the school year, the Government has decided to extend the exceptional aid until December 31, 2022, in order to help local authorities better equip them with CO sensors.2 schools and public education establishments. On the recommendations of the High Council for Public Health in its opinion of April 28, 2021the Government … Read more