Summer Schools 2023 received sporting goods kits

Through an articulated work between the regional ministerial secretariats of Sport, Education, Social Development and Family; the National Sports Institute (IND) and JUNAEB, took place at the O’Higgins University, the induction session for 27 community managers and IND monitors of the Program “Centers for Children with Temporary Main Caregivers 2023”, within the framework of the … Read more

Fausto Casullo: The little trooper who got 2nd place in Jesús María

The Jesús María Dressage and Folklore Festival, in its 57th edition, is on track to set a new public record compared to the last editions. In the first three nights, more than 45,000 visitors were exceeded and it is estimated that this figure will be exceeded for the last three days. The Festival takes place … Read more

Directors of 18 schools in San Juan and Nauta present Educational Experiences


Transforming the adolescent experience in high school. Secondary school in the country still presents persistent traits of an authoritarian school culture, that is, many times, it becomes only a space for the transmission of knowledge where there are few opportunities for adolescents to express themselves, with ideas and proposals from their thinking and feeling and … Read more

Ana Luz Ormazábal, directora y actriz: “Creo que asociarse entre mujeres es súper importante porque el patriarcado nunca va a dejar de estar”

Fue directora de “Tarde de Verano” (2016), texto ganador de la categoría emergente en la XVII Muestra de Dramaturgia Nacional, escrito por Ana Corbalán. Colabora como asistente creativa en “Éxodo” (2017) proyecto dirigido por Manuela Infante y fue participante del  Edinburg Fringe Festival (2017) como parte de la comitiva chilena del CNCA. Colabora con artistas … Read more

Cynthia Naveda: “I was sorry for the closure of ‘De boca en boca’, I went through the same thing before”


It is not the first time that Cynthia Naveda (36), one of the presenters and reporters of the late ‘De boca en boca’, experiences the closure of a space. The same thing happened with ‘Divinas’, on Canal Uno, and with ‘Jarabe de pico’, on Teleamazonas. In the last of those mentioned, she had barely been … Read more

Danger! Cyber ​​police warn of challenge using anxiolytics in young people inside schools


The viral challenges once again put the safety of millions of children and adolescents at risk. One in particular involves getting together to take sleeping pills, but must be resisted as the winner will be the last to fall asleep. This dangerous and absurd challenge was detected by the Cyber ​​Police of the Citizen Security … Read more

Five tips to protect your children in this return to school


CD. DE MÉXICO.- The Christmas holidays came to an end and with it the return to school and work by families. However, with the winter season, flu and covid-19 cases have been reported, the cold as well as temperature changes affect people’s health. Only, Conagua indicates that in the Valley of Mexico the environment will … Read more

Article: For Entertaining And Educational Holidays! We launched the Summer Plan with music, sports, cultural and educational workshops in the 16 regions of the country


The initiative is carried out within the framework of the Educational Reactivation Plan of the Ministry of Education and brings together activities in more than 500 establishments in 225 communes, which aim to create spaces to enrich learning and promote the personal and socio-emotional development of students, such as: Junaeb’s Activate Program; municipal summer schools … Read more

Hogwarts Legacy: We meet 5 new characters thanks to the announcement of the voice actors


The information about Hogwarts Legacy does not stop coming within a scant month of launching one of the most anticipated titles of this 2023. On this occasion, the game’s Community Manager presents us with the announcement of the actors who will voice various characters in the game, better yet, it confirms who will be the … Read more