Lucía Velasco: “When you digitize a society, it affects the labor market”

In the workplace, technology is often associated “with a robot that comes to take your job, but we should understand that technology is designed to help us,” he says Lucia Velasco-Jonesauthor of the book “Is an algorithm going to replace you?”. She is an economist, until May she was director of the National Observatory of … Read more

From resisting mutineers in 1796 to receiving police in 2022: a tour of the student takeovers

Taken in 2007 / Photo: Leonardo Zavattaro. Claims for more and better food, against police repression and for masonry that was falling apart are among the reasons that led students to take over schools from 1796 to today as a “form of protest,” historians told Télam, for whom “Since the democratic return, the persecutory practices … Read more

The young Afghan girl who was forced to drop out of school, but who doesn’t want to give up on education


Mursal Fasihi, 17, still can’t believe he won’t be able to go back to school. Fasihi, like all girls of secondary school age, cannot return to the classroom due to the rules imposed by the Taliban in the country. “It is not right that they decide for us, that they order us to go with … Read more

“Más mujeres en la ciencia”, cómo se instrumenta el poderoso desafío que promueve la biotecnológica global Biogen


El panel FemSTEM integrado por mujeres cientíifcas talentosas de la región, Andrea Da Pieve, CEO de Biogen Latam South, la doctora Gabriela Borrayo, presidenta de la Asociación Nacional de Cardiólogos de México (ANCAM); la doctora Natasha Bloch (Colombia), bióloga especialista en genética evolutiva; y la ingeniera aeroespacial colombiana Bonnie Prado Pino, especialista en astrodinámica y … Read more

Durango: they fumigate the Gómez Palacio elementary school due to the plague of scorpions and ticks


The students of the Instituto 18 de Marzo had a rest day due to the fact that the health authorities carried out the fumigation of the entire school, in Durango Following these actions by vector elements of the Sanitary Jurisdiction no. two of the lagoon of Durangoneighbors of the Suburb Felipe Carrillo Puerto II They … Read more

Strengthen ties between families of Alta UACh students


Together with the reunion in rooms and laboratories of the Austral University of Chile (in Valdivia) and the CECREA Creation Center (in Castro), the Alta UACh School of Academic Talents continued in 2022 sessions made especially for those who make up the families of the students. During the year, the School for Fathers, Mothers and … Read more

Pederasty, the “second pandemic” for minors in Chiapas


Activists and authorities in Chiapas maintain that the prolonged confinement in the entity caused a “second pandemic”: pederasty, which mainly affects minors and adolescents, who suffered harassment from their relatives. Today, Chiapas occupies the second national place for teenage pregnancy. “Homes turned out to be the worst place for many people who were left in … Read more

Ngäbe students show their skills in innovation and robotics


A team of three students from the Cerro Iglesias #2 school develops a robot intended to be used in response operations to natural disasters to save lives and prevent the spread of damage when such events occur. Reinaldo Sanjur, one of the three members of the school team of that school, said that participating in … Read more

Families of three Uvalde shooting survivors file lawsuits


(TEXAS COURT) – The families of the three children who survived the Uvalde mass shooting in May have filed the first lawsuit in federal court against the Uvalde school district, law enforcement officials, gun manufacturers and others, alleging that their negligence and failures contributed to the massacre. The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in Texas Western … Read more