Mayotte families want to participate in the debates

The UDAF wishes to participate fully in societal debates as pledges in Mayotte; that of the fight against violence and the future establishment of rehabilitation and rehabilitation centres, closed educational centers and schools. ALI Nizary, President of the Departmental Union of Mahoran Family Associations. -The UDAF often leaves its “area of ​​action” to alert the … Read more

Three new judges at the Argentan judicial court

By Amine El-Hasnaouy Published on 27 Sep 22 at 6:06 The Journal of the Orne See my news Follow this media The new judges, starting from the right: Sara Traikzi, Anita Varin and Sandrine Engé (fourth, always starting from the right). (© The Journal of the Orne) The Argentan courthouse (adorns) made its solemn comeback, … Read more

Revaluation of teachers: 935 million euros planned


To upgrade the teaching profession and continue the school’s global project, defended by Pap Ndiaye, the government is planning an exceptional budget of 935 million euros for the year 2023. Summary The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire presented, this Monday, September 26, the budget for 2023. Among the announcements, an “unprecedented” envelope of … Read more

Running. Australian race: they want more! [diaporama]


A violent effort. But above all the pleasure of having experienced an unprecedented race in front of a crowd. Donovan Christien, Nova Ojutkangas and fourteen other runners were won over by the new event offered by the Courir à Saint-Avé association. For the 30th anniversary of the Foulées de Kerozer run in the morning, two … Read more

Grave. Minister Carole Grandjean wants to strengthen school


Promoting training for professions in professional sectors in tension such as the medico-social sector, as well as professional sectors linked to autonomy and inclusion… This is the strong message sent by Carole Grandjean, whose roadmap aims to strengthen school-business links, in order to reduce school dropout with training that best meets the needs of businesses. … Read more

“We are working on the cinema of tomorrow”: the director of the CGR of Draguignan evokes the next releases and multiplies the actions


“TWell, how about we make a movie?” As autumn is on its way, the question is likely to come back to people’s homes, wanting to experience a romantic moment or a family outing. And with the temperatures dropping, what better than a good movie to occupy the long winter evenings. You don’t have to look … Read more

Government Terminal: the working method for priority policies is given


The government has listed, in a circular of September 23, sixty priority policies. They cover all the themes of particular interest to local authorities, around the “four major battles to be fought” which are the battle for ecological transition, the battle for full employment, the battle for sovereignty and the battle for equal opportunities. . … Read more

LIVE Elisabeth Borne on RMC: “priority” pension reform, 49


9:40 What to remember from the interview with Elisabeth Borne Elisabeth Borne was the guest of Apolline de Malherbe on RMC-BFMTV this Monday morning. Here’s what to take away from the interview: – The “priority” pension reform, decision by the end of the week on the retirement age and the method – The 49-3 not … Read more

Thierry Boutonnier, COAL and the XTNT company Paris Nanterre University Paris Nanterre University Saturday October 1, 2022


Thierry Boutonnier, COAL and the XTNT company Paris Nanterre University, October 1, 2022, Nanterre. Saturday, October 01, 2022from 6:30 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.. freeCall of air: Parade with the trees of the Terrace at the University / Installation / Wanderings in a joyful parade on the theme of trees. Thierry Boutonnier, born in 1980 in … Read more