Sport advances united in Occitania

In this month of February, the Regional Sports Conference in Occitania will unveil its Territorial Sports Project. A major step forward for an organization at the service of sport that has become essential. September 9, 2021. Étienne Guyot, prefect of the Occitanie Region, sets up the Regional Sports Conference in Occitanie. A brand new organization … Read more

Tax niches, pensions, local employment… the executive wants to lower public spending

3,000 billion euros in debt, 210 billion euros in emergency measures during the health crisis, 6% inflation over one year between January 2022 and January 2023, according to the latest estimate from INSEE… As many elements which push the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire to press, from this month of January, with both … Read more

Maybe I Do Movie Review & Movie Summary (2023) | Pretty Reel


Taking place over two nights (plus a coda scene at the end), Jacobs’ film can never shake its scenic roots, featuring its six leads in pairs of two. Grace (Diane Keaton, practically parodying herself while bizarrely playing an evangelical Christian) spends the night chatting with Sam (William H. Macy, finding more humanity in her role … Read more

Aïssa Maïga, starring in Neneh Superstar: “From a certain age, all actresses disappear”


Featured in Neneh Superstara film about racism at the Paris Opera with Maïwenn, the French actress and director Aïssa Maïga, 47, confides in her new roles, her commitments and her powerful speech during the César ceremony in 2020. Interview by Erwann Chevalier. Aïssa Maïga on the red carpet of the opening of the thirteenth ceremony … Read more

“Game plan” in education: the actors of the school network welcome the priorities but remain unsatisfied


The priorities of the new Minister of Education, Bernard Drainvilleaim right but remains to be seen how they will be implemented, affirm several actors of the school network who remain on their appetite. “These are good priorities, everything will be in the how. What solutions will we find? The danger, for the minister, will be … Read more

The Aflokkat campus: a new higher education offer for students in Corsica with the ECMA, EMMA and ESIA schools


Aflokkat, a major island player in training for more than 12 years, is opening 3 new schools in Ajaccio and Bastia. It is based on its proximity to the local economic fabric and its knowledge of business needs that Aflokkat initiated the creation of its campus. Under the Campus Aflokkat banner are grouped the 3 … Read more

Cate Blanchett, an actress in the power of art


There are gifted people and there are others. Cate Blanchett is convinced of belonging to the second category, of those who, because they have no particular talent, let alone genius, must work intensely, laboriously. This impression, she does not take offense and faces it with serenity. And, by a mirror effect, she is passionate about … Read more

He quotes BRAQUE, reveals the projects and presents his wishes: Dominique CHAMBENOIT at the time of the chef’s surprises!


He had promised surprises, Dominique CHAMBENOIT, before approaching the ceremony of vows, allowing his constituents to live their first reunion of the year in their commune. They were therefore at the rendezvous, Saturday at the village hall! Starting with the aubade, concocted by the Vladimir COSMA School of Music, which punctuated with its tunes borrowed … Read more

Harry Potter: a US media begs Warner to give up the reboot


“Please don’t reboot the ‘Harry Potter’ movies. We beg you.” This is what the American media Collider writes in an article indirectly addressed to Warner studios. A reboot of the Harry Potter movies? For Collider, the answer is clearly no and the arguments put forward are quite good. As the article clarifies, the film series … Read more