City of Buenos Aires, 09/27/2022 VIEWING the National Education Law No. 26,206, the National Cooperators Law No. 26,759, Decree No. 50 of December 19, 2019, Administrative Decision 1,449 of August 10, 2020, Ministerial Resolution No. 3,062 dated October 13, 2021, Electronic File No. EX-2022-101490776- -APN-SCEYAP#ME, and CONSIDERING: That according to the National Education Law No. … Read more

Kicillof seeks to recover the educational flag that Larreta appropriated

LA PLATA (Correspondent Buenos Aires) “If we had closed the schools as the national government wanted, the results would be even worse.” The criticism with which Horacio Rodriguez Larreta tried to explain the poor results of the last evaluation of learning in establishments of the district that he governs carries the banner of the defense … Read more

These are the Disney + premieres for the month of October 2022 | e


For this month of October 2022, Disney+ It has already prepared a series of premieres for its subscribers, which also include horror productions, this for the Halloween season. On the platform you can enjoy specials, premieres, movies and thematic episodes that promise to make you “scream and laugh”. You may also like: They represent Mexico: … Read more

Ayer y el hoy de 20 grandes actores, actrices y directores


La nómina de actrices, actores y directores españoles de las últimas décadas es realmente espectacular. Son muchas y muchos los veteranos que, a pesar de su edad continúan trabajando por que lo llevan en la sangre y si en algún momento no tienen trabajo, lo buscan y corren a recogerlo cuando alguien les ofrece un … Read more

Pen handling for 2023 kicks definitions


It is known that the so-called electoral years are characterized by little parliamentary activity, but this year has been the exception. In the province, the Legislature rarely met. For example, the Senate held its fifth ordinary session a few days ago, midway through the year and with its sights already set on the discussion of … Read more

Cooperative foods, an added value for the consumer


Product differentiation and innovation are inherent values ​​of agri-food cooperatives, as well as strategies to stand out from the competition and position themselves in the market. To enhance the differentiating character of the products grown and processed by social economy companies and, in turn, accentuate their innovative character, Agro-food cooperatives Andalusia is committed to comprehensive … Read more

MEXICANS FIRST MICHOACAN | Teachers: recognition and success


Horacio Erik Aviles Martinez Last Monday, the ABC 2022 Award was presented, the recognition of teachers with the longest tradition in the nation. On this occasion, ten people were awarded in three different categories, for developing good practices as teachers, as leaders of an educational community and for carrying out practices to promote school-home collaboration … Read more

Dora Postigo: “I have had many responsibilities that, due to my age, did not correspond to me”


Despite the fact that his musical references are crossed by voices and styles so generationally away from their zeta nature like those of Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse or Aretha Franklin, her very personal appearance (mutable, capricious and daring) is consciously close to the transversal rupture of Bowie, to the chromatic and capillary extravagance of Cyndi … Read more

Inclusive pedagogical practices: a task for the school and families


Parents, mothers and classroom teachers actively participated in a day of raising awareness about inclusive pedagogical tools, in a new edition of Building educational community and family knowledgea workshop led by the disability strategy of the District Education Secretariat, at the Juan Pablo II Official Educational Institution, on the hillside of Cali. Within the framework … Read more

Seized schools: Lengüitas students denounced acts of physical and verbal violence during yesterday’s overnight


The events happen quickly. The messages on networks and WhatsApp groups are constant, and the opposing positions around the school takeovers in the city of Buenos Aires escalate rapidly. Yesterday afternoon-night an assembly was called for 11 o’clock today in the Escuela Normal Superior en Lenguas Vivas Sofía E. Broquen de Spangenberg (known as Lengüitas). … Read more