Egidio and Francisco in front of the cherry Colossus

In the 2023 electoral handicap there are ostensible differences in the human resources, or political capital of each party. One of the parties has plenty of applicants and it is the case of Morena; others have integrated their formula in a hurry, those are the minor political institutes, and some do not move a single … Read more

Environmental transitions: how Centrale Lyon wants to become a European

Become the European Caltech. The ambition, an effective punchline, is posed without complex by the new director of the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Pascal Ray, on the occasion of the presentation of his strategic plan. Plan which should bring the Lyon engineering school, by 2030, into the Top 5 of the national rankings of engineering … Read more

“The house of the little letters”: Pinto talks about Affective Globalism


ALTAMURA (Ba) – Everything is ready for the national premiere of the medium-length film “La casa delle Letterine”, which recounts the development of the teaching methodology of Affective Globalism, conceived and patented in Puglia by the Bari teacher Vito De Lillo and used in schools throughout Italy. The innovative teaching method of starting children’s reading-writing … Read more

More than 40,000 teachers signed up for curricular update courses


The Minister of Education, Edgar Pary, reported this Sunday that more than 40,000 teachers have registered for the curricular update courses, which shows their commitment to Bolivian education, which will resume school activities on February 1 of next year. “On February 1, 2023 we started the educational work, for this we are preparing the curricular … Read more

Leaving everything to live on a boat: Vanessa and Yorick happy with family on the port of Caen


By Christophe Jacquet Published on 27 Nov 22 at 19:27 Freedom Caen See my news Follow this media Since September 2021, Yorick and Vanessa Maguin have been living on this sailboat with their children in the shelter of the Caen marina (Calvados). ©Christophe Jacquet For Vanessa and Yorick Maguin, “it’s really an assumed choice”. Since … Read more

The incoherent wind of Verso Sud, which doesn’t stop, and Roberto Corradino’s idea of ​​theater | BonCulture


Roberto Corradino is artistic director for the theater and performing arts of the Murgia festival Verso Sud. On stage in Corato he has brought important names and super experimental projects that are difficult to see in the programming of places far from the large centers of cultural production. We at Bonculture interviewed him. Corradino, what … Read more

Mara wants her own candidates in Playa and IM, and not extend the 4T to Lili and Athena


Hugo Martoccia – Small Table . Governor Mara Lezama begins to design, along with the demands and urgency of the administration, the format of the political project with which she wants to lead the state. One of her main concerns has to do with the limits of the 4T, which in Quintana Roo have never … Read more

Why the revelation of [SPOILER] How Beautifully Predictable Wednesday’s Villain Is


Editor’s Note: The following contains major spoilers for Season 1 Wednesday. Of Miles Millar and Alfred Gough and based on the characters created by Charles Addamsby Netflix Wednesday details the misadventures of titular Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) as she is shipped off to her parents’ alma mater, Nevermore Academy, following a near-death experience — well, … Read more

L’Ucraina senza dubbio vincerà la guerra: così…


… continuano a dirci. articoli e video di Franco Astengo, Giulio Cavalli, Guido Ortona, Angelo Baracca, Riccardo Alberto Quattrini, Lorenzo Merlo, Stefano Orsi, Domenico Gallo, Lucio Caracciolo, Enrico Tomaselli, Fabrizio Casari, Tomaso Montanari, Giacomo Gabellini, Christian Marazzi, Rossana De Simone, Andrea Fumagalli, Riccardo Tristano Tuis, Leone Grotti, Retekurdistan Italia, Massimo Fini, Giulio Palermo, Andrea Zhok, … Read more

A play referring to the Afro


“Margarita and the geographies of her hair” is the name of the play that has been presented in about thirty educational establishments, as part of the project “Training and cultural mediations to approach and learn from Afro-descendant culture in schools Públicas de Arica”, financed by the Regional Government and the Regional Council of Arica and … Read more