OMNISPORTS: Generosity all year round with sport

In 2022, this global movement of generosity celebrated its 5th anniversary in France and its 10th anniversary worldwide. It generated a wave of unparalleled generosity. Donations in the United States alone are estimated to have totaled $3.1 billion, representing a 15% increase from GivingTuesday 2021 and a 25% increase since 2020. Despite ongoing crisis and … Read more


Varese Basketball and We Are Basketball – united under the auspices of VaRes, the container of “social care” red and white – and the Provincial School Office they presented the Varese School Cupa basketball tournament for Varese high school students that starts from the competitive dimension of basketball played to develop and enrich itself through … Read more

The new curriculum received contributions from 75 institutions, the majority from the ruling party


The new school curriculum that is intended to be applied starting this year received contributions from 75 institutions, most of them related to the Government. Teachers assure that none of their suggestions were incorporated into this new plan. “Several organizations presented their proposals for the development of the new curricular plan,” Fernando Carrión, coordinator of … Read more

La diplomatie triangulaire en Amérique centrale


La Maison-Blanche pourrait intégrer les principales demandes des institutions régionales d’Amérique centrale (CCJ, SICA, PARLACEN, BCIE, etc.) dans un accord de grande envergure, inspiré de l’engagement sur les migrations signé lors du Sommet des Amériques qui s’est tenu en juin dernier à Los Angeles, afin d’obtenir un soutien et de pouvoir concrétiser sur le terrain son … Read more

January 25

‘Cervantes, delighted’internal noise It merges interpretation and virtual reality. Following its philosophy of incorporating new digital technologies into its productions, the company presents an amazing proposal with a round trip between physical reality and virtual reality. The public will be able to immerse themselves in the time, life and work of Miguel de Cervantes, allowing … Read more

Toulouse: students and teachers plant a mini


On January 11 and 12, at the Raymond-Naves high school in Toulouse, a group of teachers and students planted the future mini-forest of their school. An ambitious project both ecologically and educationally. The planting area of ​​the future mini-forest of the Lycée Raymond-Naves in Toulouse. // PHOTO: Charlotte Dahlem At the Raymond Naves high school … Read more

School, the French minister rejects Google and Microsoft. And in Italy?


In 2022 authentications SPID have reached 1 billion, communicated the government. And, recently, SPID can also be provided to minors, no longer just from 18 years of age. The usefulness of SPID for under 18s? To date it is not well understood, because there are not many services available to them accessible with the Public … Read more

Rafael Amaya returns to “El Señor de los Cielos” to tell the “truth” about the narco


Los Angeles, Jan 12 (EFE).- Rafael Amaya returns as the protagonist of “El Señor de los Cielos”, the most successful narconovela of all time, to tell the world what “really” happens in the world of drug trafficking, as he said in an interview with EFE. Amaya and the rest of the cast described to EFE … Read more

Alyra, the blockchain school


In just over a decade, the blockchain technology revolution has experienced extremely rapid growth. Through Bitcoin of course, but also, and above all, thanks to its concrete applications in fields as varied as finance, art, certification, data protection, smart contracts, video games, and so on. An explosion of opportunities which is struggling today to find … Read more