Violence and bullying

The increase in bullying in schools in Mexico would be undeniable for mothers, fathers and guardians, who would complain about the aggressions that their daughters and sons suffer on school grounds or would be questioned about the aggressive behavior manifested by their minors Gracia. María Teresa Rosaura Ochoa Mejía, federal deputy attached to the parliamentary … Read more

When student gendarmes meet local officials

Why should I contact this partner? What are his expectations? What solutions can I give him? If the “local and digital contact” courses partly answer the questions of police students about their future institutional and economic partners, nothing better than being able to exchange directly with local actors to obtain concrete and reliable answers. then … Read more

Don Fognini (La Centralina): “We must fight against the use of drugs starting from elementary schools”

© “The Control Unit” According to the data released byEmcddanamely the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction, an agency of the European Union and from the context European Drug Reportin Italy, one third of the population, between 15 and 64 years of age, did drug use at least once in his life and … Read more

25 years of Harry Potter: The wizarding world that shaped a generation

Exactly 25 years ago, the millennial generation witnessed the emergence of a phenomenon that is still valid today: the -expansive- wizarding world of Harry Potter. With the publication of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, the writer JK Rowling gave the starting point to a saga that still does not end today and from which … Read more

Teramo, Piano D’Accio School: construction site inaugurated


TERAMO – Yesterday morning the Mayor Gianguido D’Alberto, the councilor for school construction Giovanni Cavallari and the councilor for public education Andrea Core, inaugurated the construction site for the refurbishment and extraordinary maintenance of the Piano D’Accio school. The intervention, which provides for an expense of 550 thousand euros financed with municipal funds, will be … Read more

“El sector de las apuestas ha logrado la gamificación del juego para que se vea como si fuera un deporte”


Vamos a ver. Ha sido tres veces campeón de Europa en la categoría máster de atletismo, con una doble coronación como subcampeón a nivel mundial. Se le conoce más por la cantidad de medallas recibidas y las veces que ha subido a un podio que por otra cosa. Pero Roberto Sotomayor Menéndez se dedica también … Read more

Aveyron: “Up to the cherries if necessary”, a show that looks good

From July 27 to 31, Place Foch will host the new show by Rutènes en scène, “Up to the cherries if necessary”, a theatrical fresco retracing the 66-day strike of miners in the Decazeville-Aubin basin. A spectacular and moving spectacle. We had left them, one cold and rainy December evening, in the premises of an … Read more


Civilization – The title, suggested by a friend, first requires a linguistic explanation. For the Greeks, the barbarians were those who stammered their language. Barbarian did not mean uncivilized, uneducated, ferocious, and so on. The barbarian was simply someone who was unable to express himself well in the language of Greek civilization: Greek. I emphasize … Read more

Sánchez Arminio: 80 años de fútbol

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