The school sports center: an example of regulation

The School Sports Center is aimed at organizing school sports activities. It operates on the basis of a Project included annually in the Institute’s training offer plan, on indications that the MIUR communicates to schools through the national and territorial “Guidelines” and through the circulars that govern all Physical Education activities , motor and sports … Read more

El proceso para obtener la ciudadanía estadounidense para aquellas personas con alguna discapacidad física, es ahora más simple gracias a las nuevas reglas del Servicio de Ciudadanía e Inmigración de Estados Unidos (USCIS). Todas las personas con alguna discapacidad física o de desarrollo, así como quienes tengan algún impedimento mental, no están obligados a presentar … Read more

School canteens: the fair remuneration of farmers is important to schoolchildren

News Published on 26/11/2022 at 6:30 p.m. Updated 26/11/2022 at 6:30 p.m. Reading 2 mins. Do schoolchildren consume responsibly when they eat in the canteen? The Max Havelaar association conducted the survey by interviewing parents, but also their child(ren). And the survey reveals a well-established awareness among children and teenagers, in particular to defend the … Read more

700 schools closed in the next two years: the Meloni plan in the budget law

The budget maneuver envisages expenditure of 35 billion euros, two-thirds of which dedicated to support against high bills. Such an approach inevitably excludes anything else and in this case it is precisely public education and health. The proposed scenario budget lawas the specialized newspaper points out School horizonis not rosy and foresees a possible closure … Read more

Pediculosis at school: what is the role of teachers? What to tell parents?

Head lice, more commonly known as head lice infestation, includes adult lice, larvae, and eggs that exclusively affect the human scalp. Pediculosis capitis is a widespread medical problem in both developing and developed countries and is considered one of the community health problems that most affect school students, both children, even small kindergarten children, that … Read more

Jóvenes mapuche argentinos: “Hay gente mapuche que no se reconoce como tal”


El Desconcierto reunió a tres jóvenes mujeres, de la Comunidad Nahuel Pan, ubicada en un paraje del Departamento Futaleufú, en la provincia de Chubut, Argentina. Se trata de Gina Jara (30), Kurruf Curaqueo (30) y Luisa Suárez (29) y, el Antropólogo e investigador del CONICET Hernán Schiaffini, oriundo de Esquel, quienes reflexionaron sobre identidad, educación, salud, luchas y consumos culturales. … Read more

At noon in Mondeville, students waste three times less food than the national average

Last week and as they do once a month, the students of the school in the center of Mondeville weighed the leftover food they left in their tray at the end of the service. It turns out that the Kindergarten students left “only” 23 grams of food each and per meal, barely more for the … Read more

Avis: the gift is a cultural mission. Appeal to young people


CREMONA – Born in 1946, the Committee of Supporting Members of theMunicipal Avis of Cremona it is the first group of this kind established in Italy and it is the only one that every year, for 76 years, has convened the members in assembly. The discussion was held this morning at the Osvaldo Goldani auditorium … Read more

Of the school check and the cost in the public: the State spends more than 6,200 euros per student per year


I meet this tweet on education spending statistics: “According to the latest report of the Ministry of Educationpublic (non-university) spending per student in a public school was €6,230 in 2019, similar to the average rate of the Liceo Sorolla private school in Pozuelo de Alarcón, one of the top schools in the Madrid province”. And … Read more