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Conad Nord Ovest and Conad ETS Foundation together forthe Don Claudio Pisaneschi Kindergarten A historic, engaging and hopeful moment that took place this afternoon for the inauguration of the new school year of the Don Claudio Pisaneschi Kindergarten in Casalguidi in Pistoia. Much more than an inauguration for the local community of Casalguidi and the … Read more

Lucía Velasco: “When you digitize a society, it affects the labor market”

In the workplace, technology is often associated “with a robot that comes to take your job, but we should understand that technology is designed to help us,” he says Lucia Velasco-Jonesauthor of the book “Is an algorithm going to replace you?”. She is an economist, until May she was director of the National Observatory of … Read more

Philippe Champy and Roger


Is the school reformable? Philippe Champy and Roger-François Gauthier doubt it in a book (Against the unjust school, ESF Humanities) which opens a new path for school democratization. The School is irreformable if we persist in the same “collective imagination” which has directed national education and reforms for years. The answer must therefore first be … Read more

From resisting mutineers in 1796 to receiving police in 2022: a tour of the student takeovers


Taken in 2007 / Photo: Leonardo Zavattaro. Claims for more and better food, against police repression and for masonry that was falling apart are among the reasons that led students to take over schools from 1796 to today as a “form of protest,” historians told Télam, for whom “Since the democratic return, the persecutory practices … Read more

Violence Against School Staff | Compensation from the CNESST jumps by 54%


The number of school employees who received compensation from the Commission for Standards, Equity, Health and Safety at Work (CNESST) following violence suffered at work jumped 54% in 2021 by compared to 2019, the pre-pandemic year. Posted yesterday at 5:00 a.m. Louise Leduc The Press These data were obtained by The Press with the CNESST. … Read more

Aims and functions of the new portal on all the homes and properties data of every Italian at the start now


The objective behind the creation of the new portal 2022-2023 with the data of houses and properties of each Italian is stated: know the energy performance so as to verify whether the facilities provided to make the structures more sustainable have been used or not. Hence the creation of a large database which contains information … Read more

The young Afghan girl who was forced to drop out of school, but who doesn’t want to give up on education


Mursal Fasihi, 17, still can’t believe he won’t be able to go back to school. Fasihi, like all girls of secondary school age, cannot return to the classroom due to the rules imposed by the Taliban in the country. “It is not right that they decide for us, that they order us to go with … Read more

Reading aloud by teachers promotes academic success: improves overall motor skills and CVI in children. The study

Tuscany Region – The boys and girls in the nursery increase their ability to control global motor skills, coordination and manipulative skills by up to 29.7%; in kindergarten the ability to solve problems within social situations increases by 82%; for primary school pupils the Verbal Comprehension Index (ICV), that is the ability to formulate and … Read more