Capurso: the Municipality promotes playful extra

“Cresciamo con…” is the 2022/2023 Territorial Training Offer Plan (POFT), the result of the synergy between the Municipality of Capurso and the comprehensive city schools “Bosco-Venisti” and “Savio Montalcini”. An educational alliance, financed with 24,000 euros, which will make it possible to create training activities divided into 5 thematic areas: reading, active citizenship, art, sport, … Read more

Summer Schools 2023 received sporting goods kits

Through an articulated work between the regional ministerial secretariats of Sport, Education, Social Development and Family; the National Sports Institute (IND) and JUNAEB, took place at the O’Higgins University, the induction session for 27 community managers and IND monitors of the Program “Centers for Children with Temporary Main Caregivers 2023”, within the framework of the … Read more

Seine et Marne. Le Phare guides children with learning difficulties in Moncourt


Through Yoann Vallier Published on 13 Jan 23 at 9:34 The Republic of Seine et Marne See my news Follow this media Laughter, kindness and a lot of progress: we do a lot more than learn at the Lighthouse ©RSM77/YV A castle tower just for her and 7 fully equipped classrooms on several levels: The … Read more

School. Too many failures in the first year of high school: 10 tips for kids and parents


Francesco Alesi for Save the Children Failures on the rise in the first year of high school. During the 2021-2022 school year, the highest percentage of failures was recorded among students who had just begun their career in high schools and technical or professional institutes (8.1%, about 40 thousand students). While for the following years … Read more

Fausto Casullo: The little trooper who got 2nd place in Jesús María


The Jesús María Dressage and Folklore Festival, in its 57th edition, is on track to set a new public record compared to the last editions. In the first three nights, more than 45,000 visitors were exceeded and it is estimated that this figure will be exceeded for the last three days. The Festival takes place … Read more

School registrations 2023


Registration is carried out according to sectorization. For sector derogation requests, families are invited to make an appointment at theFamily reception area in order to be informed of the obligatory procedures.For elementary school registrations, and in particular the start of the 2023-2024 preparatory course (CP), specific communication will be sent to families during the first … Read more

The Most Valuable Resource | The fragility of the Italian labor market arises from the crisis of human capital


When we talk about the labor market and the Italian problems of meeting supply and demand, we often have a fragmented investigation approach, in watertight compartments. Instead, the complexity of today’s society should push us to look at the institution of the labor market in an organic way, analyzing the different profiles that affect the … Read more

Directors of 18 schools in San Juan and Nauta present Educational Experiences


Transforming the adolescent experience in high school. Secondary school in the country still presents persistent traits of an authoritarian school culture, that is, many times, it becomes only a space for the transmission of knowledge where there are few opportunities for adolescents to express themselves, with ideas and proposals from their thinking and feeling and … Read more

Shortage of staff in schools | “Heartbreaking Choices”


The staff shortage in schools is forcing school service centers to make “heartbreaking choices,” says the Association des directions générale scolaire du Québec. If, in Lac-Saint-Jean, we have chosen to reduce the number of 4-year-old kindergarten classes, elsewhere, we must resign ourselves to maintaining “basic” services for students, without adding any. Posted at 12:00 a.m. … Read more

10 educational guidance tips for kids and parents | Save the Children Italy


As the deadline for enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year, doubts and uncertainties are also growing for such an important decision to make. In this rite of passage, school orientation it is useful to accompany students in the choice of a school and a field of study in line with the different potentials, ambitions, talents … Read more