Letter from a grateful grandson: “To my refugee grandmother, who feeds me with love and wisdom”

Ba giving cake to his grandson, Aryan, 11. © Courtesy of the Sanghrajka family In this letter, Aryan Sanghrajka, 18, writes to Ba, her grandmother, who fled Uganda in 1972 due to the forced expulsion of Asian residents (the family is originally from India). As she was considered to be part of a persecuted minority, … Read more

Quality education in Burkina: The National Center for Textbooks and School Supplies is unveiled

The National Center for Textbooks and School Supplies (CENAMAFS) hosted a press conference this Friday, September 23, 2022 in Ouagadougou to present the structure and its missions. It also involved mobilizing populations and school partners with a view to making textbooks and school supplies accessible for quality education. The day’s discussions focused on five points, … Read more

Tuscany and its products protagonists at Terra Madre


The Slow Food presidents of the Garfagnana and the project Tuscany showcasethe testimony of Angela Saba cheese producer in Massa Marittima and the experience of Quality & Services with the canteen service in the Florentine municipalities are some of the most beautiful pages of recent Terra Madre Salone del Gusto in Turin. Barbara Nappini of … Read more

It is necessary to promote a culture of environmental care and biodiversity


09-26-2022 It is necessary to promote a culture of environmental care and biodiversity PRESS RELEASE Bulletin number 4427 University City, September 26, 2022 “As university students we must commit to taking care of the planet, we are still on time, it depends on us and what better way than to make a culture of caring … Read more

Social mix: the private college isolates itself


In middle school, the population gap between the public and private sectors continues to grow. While the social mix is ​​stable in the first, the second welcomes more and more students from very privileged backgrounds. A social segregation that promotes inequalities. Social diversity continues to decline in private colleges. According a Depp study published in … Read more

Espressionismo tedesco: riassunto e correnti | Studenti.it


Espressionismo tedesco August Macke, uno degli esponenti dell’espressionismo tedesco — Fonte: getty-images Espressionista è detta l’arte tedesca dei primi anni 900 dalla fine impero di Guglielmo II agli albori del reich. Impressionismo è antitesi all’espressionismo al cui il movimento si oppose. Gli Impressionisti furono accusati di riprodurre oggettivamente la realtà mentre per gli espressionisti l’arte … Read more



World Vision seeks to strengthen the bond of caregivers, boys and girls with love, trust and respect through different activities and workshops in various regions of the country. In the cities of Bucaramanga, Piedecuesta (Santander) and Barranquilla (Atlántico), more than 50 caregivers who impact the lives of more than 500 girls and boys were trained … Read more

New school year, ceremony at the R. Settimo high school in Caltanissetta: the prefect will speak


Editorial board26 September 2022 16:21 Share News Copy Link Share News The coming year will certainly be a year of restart for the school in an atmosphere of joyful normality: inaugurating it concretely means giving a positive signal to the younger generations who really need so much care and hospitality to plan their future even … Read more

Recognize the benefits of using the mask

MÉRIDA, Yucatán.— The provision of the state government that the The use of face masks is no longer mandatory in Yucatandid not haven massive effect in Mérida schools because students, teachers and parents continue their protection with this medical supply. voluntary use of the mask Related news The Health Secretary of the state government announced … Read more