Maturità 2022, è il giorno della seconda prova: tutte le info utili

Seconda prova scritta nelle materie di indirizzo per gli oltre 530.000 studenti chiamati all’esame di Maturità, ma le tracce non sono state predisposte dal ministero, bensì dalle commissioni interne in base agli argomenti affrontati dalla singole classi nel corso dell’anno scolastico. Come si svolgerà? Alle 8,30 i docenti distribuiranno le tracce della seconda prova e … Read more

Lack of controls and laziness: A work adjoining the sports field of a Buenos Aires school collapsed

The announcements of Rodríguez Larreta’s management in educational matters are ignored in daily events, but that reality is almost always silenced by media secrecy. In recent months there have been several works that have collapsed in the City as a result of the lack of controls. The Common Primary School No. 02 Gral. Mariano Acha, … Read more

These are the economic reforms that Gustavo Petro will seek to carry out

The expectations of the incoming National Government in economic matters focus on the major reforms that it will have to implement to improve the country’s finances.These include tax, pension and health, specifically. Labor is another reform that could take shape in the medium term. in taxes The tax reform announced by the new government would … Read more

Health protocol, supplies, allowance and scholarships…: the essentials of the 2021 school year

Health protocol, supplies, school programs, baccalaureate 2022, back-to-school allowance and scholarships, rights and obligations of middle and high school students, insurance, health, canteen, school holiday calendar… Everything you need to know about the start of the 2021 school year with The health protocol for the start of the 2021 school year Health pass not … Read more