Civic education: where the school shrinks

«Civic education aims to satisfy the need for mutual collaboration relationships to be created between School and Life. Public opinion imperiously, albeit confusedly, warns the need for Life to fertilize the school culture, and for the School to acquire a new expansive virtue, opening up to the forms and structures of associated Life “. Thus … Read more

About 200 boys enter the Materno per day with respiratory infections

With the arrival of winter, the cases of children with respiratory symptoms increased in Salta and some of the consequences are the increase in care, the high occupancy of beds in hospital wards and absenteeism in schools and colleges. Of a total of 400 patients admitted per day to emergencies at the Maternal and Child … Read more

Preparation of the provisional IEP: an example of circular and minutes

For a completeness of the new framework of the measures introduced by Legislative Decree 66/2017 and defined by DI n. 182/2020 to implement school inclusion, we provide information on the preparation of the provisional IEP, in force starting from the current school year. This inclusive tool covers children entering school for the first time, usually … Read more

Constanza Tobío, National Sociology Award: “Maternal grandmothers are the key to conciliation”

Constanza Tobío Soler adds three decades analyzing the social reality of working mothers, the relationship between family and employment, and the care of minors. After so many years of study, this professor of Sociology at the Carlos III University of Madrid has verified that there are issues that are perpetuated with the passage of generations: … Read more

Recruitment of teachers supported by GPS: this is what the draft of the MIUR decree provides

The Ministry of Education presented the draft of the decree for the recruitment of support teachers from first-tier GPS to the trade unions in the school sector. The document regulates the extraordinary procedure which allows the introduction of teachers in the role in the support of the first band of the provincial rankings for substitutes … Read more

40 La migliore regali ragazzo del 2022


Cerchi consigli di esperti su come acquistare la migliore regali ragazzo? Gli esperti hanno stilato un elenco dei primi regali ragazzo venduti nel 2022 in Italia.Non vuoi davvero che tu sia infelice dopo aver speso i tuoi sudati soldi per questa regali ragazzo. Di conseguenza, avevo passato molto tempo a esaminarlo, valutarlo e criticarlo. Alla … Read more

SLEP Valparaíso establishments receive environmental certification of excellence


Four Buenos Aires public education campuses stood out at the provincial level for their curriculum, management and connection with the environment. Environmental awareness is probably one of the most urgent matters to work on at an educational level. With the planet seriously threatened by the effects of climate change, learning what we can do to … Read more

Teacher training reform decree, only 30 thousand teachers out of 650 thousand will be “rewarded” in 2026: for Anief it will be a rain of appeals

Very few teachers, 30 thousand out of 650 thousand, will be rewarded for the incentivized training of tenured teaching staff included in the maxi-amendment of the Budget Commission to decree law 36, approved this week by the Senate and from Monday to the examination of the Chamber. The estimate, deriving from what is reported in … Read more

School violence, a problem that starts from homes

In mid-June, a threat to a private school in Pachucawhich in the end turned out to be “a joke”, caused the police mobilization, as well as the scare of mothers and fathers of families who have their children in the educational institution, to which María Elena Martínez Alarcón, clinical psychologist at the Columba Rivera Hospital … Read more