Top 10 Películas alrededor de masacres escolares.

Las masacres escolares (lamentables) se han vuelto cada vez más frecuentes en USA, en algunas partes de Europa y Canadá. De acuerdo a un conteo oficial, los tiroteos en general en los Estados Unidos, han aumentado de 250 a 650 en promedio anual desde hace 6 años, y en este 2022 alcanzado ya cifras históricas … Read more

Pontedera hosts the National Gathering of the State Police Association: present section. of Salerno, Nocera and Campagna

Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 June 2022 the city of Pontedera (PI), will host theVIII national meeting of the National Association of State Police with the slogan “Together to give value to values“. Two intense days of initiatives that will bring about 5000 members from all over Italy to the territory, together to remember the … Read more

School correspondents narrate how the return to classes has been [Video]

“In the first place I could not attach to the virtual classes since I did not have sufficient means to be able to enjoy those classes, because I did not have a cell phone, I did not have internet”, says Adriano Haren Gómez Carrión, from the 5th grade of secondary school, from a folder at … Read more

Why Faces Of Death Was So Controversial (And What It Means For The Remake)

The infamous “horror” mockumentary of the 70s faces of death is about to get a remake from the creators of Cam, but why was the original movie so controversial and what does that mean for the remake? Released in 1978, faces of death was a seminal mockumentary that earned a place in horror history despite … Read more

Learning and socializing, at the end of the PON projects of the IC “F. Torre” of Benevento


The final dissemination activities of the projects carried out by the IC “F. Torre “of Benevento as part of the PON” For schools, skills and learning environments “2014-2020 funded by ESF and FDR Axis I – Education – Specific Objectives 10.1, 10.2- Actions 10.1.1” Interventions for the reduction of early school leaving and for the … Read more

The new collection of products inspired by the Disney and Pixar movie ‘Lightyear’ arrives in Latin America

The new collection of products inspired by LIGHTYEAR, the new action and adventure movie that premieres on June 16 in available theaters. The origin story of Buzz Lightyear, the hero who inspired the toy, revolves around the legendary Space Ranger on an intergalactic adventure. Created to be enjoyed by the family in every home in … Read more

Married at first sight: a groom accused of adultery, compromising messages revealed… the shock


In 2016, a brand new reality TV show, “Married at first sight” landed in France. With the concept of uniting by the bonds of marriage two strangers who are selected for their accounts after various tests concocted by experts, each season it brings together millions of viewers on M6. Proof of its success, the show … Read more

1 out of 4 plumbers has difficulty managing the technical documentation, “at least one let me fail”. Comparison of opinions

“Failure is one of the great themes of the school capable of warming the spirits and ends up generating opposing factions”, says Ivan Sciapeconi, 53, a teacher at the G. Pascoli primary school in Modena. Sciapeconi is the author of didactic guides, aids for teachers, textbooks for primary school. He is also the author of … Read more

The Port of Castellón hosts an exhibition on the magical cinema of George Méliès

The mayor of Castelló de la Plana, Amparo Marco; the Councilor for Culture, Verónica Ruiz; the president of the Port Authority, Rafael Simó; the head of the “la Caixa” Foundation in the Valencian Community, Soraya Casado; and the curator, Sergi Martín, have presented The Show Begins. Georges Méliès and the cinema of 1900, an exhibition … Read more