TV programs tonight, Tuesday 21 June 2022. On Rete 4 at the start Dynasties

Dynasties Rai 1, 9.25pm: Dad for Love Movie of 2020, by Noémie Saglio, with Camélia Jordana, Vincent Dedienne and Anne Charrier. Made in France. Duration: 89 minutes. Plot: Vincent becomes Bart’s babysitter, a child who lives in his own building with his mother Elise who, for work reasons, is always away from home. One day … Read more

Six out of ten parents welcome the start of the school holidays with stress

The academic year ends this Wednesday and 6 out of 10 parents (59%) begin to feel some degree of stress before the arrival of school holidays. For half of the families, because of the difficulty of organizing the logistics of all those weeks without schooland for the remaining 10%, for the fact of living with … Read more

A Bari arriva “Obey Peace Revolution”, la mostra al Margherita fino al 28 agosto

Un’altra prestigiosa mostra d’arte internazionale arriva a Bari: è stata inaugurata oggi “Obey Peace Revolution”, l’esposizione che resterà al teatro Margherita fino al 28 agosto. Gli orari di accesso sono dalla domenica al giovedì dalle 17 alle 22 (fino alle 23 il venerdì e il sabato); la scelta pomeridiana è dovuta al fatto che all’interno … Read more

The Brull project could be awarded in six months

The Brull project could be awarded within a maximum period of six months. This was explained to Ceuta Television by the provincial director of the MEFP, Yolanda Rodríugez. According to Rodríguez, “for the Infrastructure Management to award the Brull project, it has to write the corresponding specifications, and as of today they have already been … Read more

High school students make their cinema in Manosque

Friday, June 17, high school students from Felix Esclangon high school and the Manosque CGR cinema organized a colorful and spectacular evening. In fact, the final year students of the option courses and cinema specialty led by their teacher Philippe Bec had the chance to project their audiovisual creations on the theme “Beautiful tomorrows”. A … Read more

Russia recruits professors, workers and politicians for “reconstruction”

A campaign has begun in Russia to search for workers, teachers, public officials and political activists willing to move to the newly conquered Ukrainian territories. Search not easy (it is a war zone) and therefore fueled by very attractive economic offers. The declared aim is “to participate in the reconstruction of Donbass” but also in … Read more


Actualizado Sbado, 25 junio 2022 – 01:40 La esposa del Rey sale muy bien parada en el documental del que no se salva ni la Reina Sofa, la ms valorada. Sin embargo, hay otras omisiones… La Reina Letizia en el Palacio Real el pasado martes.GTRES ‘Royals’ Ingrid de Noruega, heredera de Haakon y Mette-Marit, cumple … Read more

Glee: 10 Musical Numbers That Haven’t Aged Badly

Joy featured more than 700 musical numbers throughout its six seasons, many of which have become pivotal parts of modern pop culture. Indeed, songs like “Don’t Stop Believin’” and “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” have been given new life thanks to the show’s cast of jolly misfits. However, not every musical number can be a … Read more

Vegetti interpreter of Plato and Aristotle

Mario’s book Vegetti and Francesco Ademollo – Meeting with Aristotle. Fifteen Lessons, Einaudi, Turin 2017 – is certainly a valid introduction to the philosophy of the stagirita. On the other hand, after reading the Fifteen Lessons on Plato by Vegetti, published a few years earlier by the same publisher, one cannot escape a certain dissatisfaction. … Read more

Las 100 personas LGTBIQ+ más influyentes de España en el mes del Orgullo de 2022

El dominio de las banderas multicolor ya despunta sobre las calles de la capital madrileña. El orgullo se asoma y aterrizará oficialmente en tan sólo unos días. La celebración LGTBIQ+ tiene una cita esencial el próximo viernes 1 de julio de 2022, día del pistoletazo de salida a la fiesta más colorida del año, que además coincide con … Read more