The school that I would like and that I will hardly see

Pay teachers little it’s a perfect way to devalue the school. Imposing young teachers years and years of insecurity is another way to achieve the same result: creating second-class schoolslacking didactic continuity, generally within the lowest quality building structures. Teaching is a difficult job, for those who do it well: the working hours are much … Read more

The pedagogist at school, we talked about it with Vanna Iori


Follow Tag24 also on social networks The pedagogist at school is a book edited by Enrico Miatto, Studium Edizioni. We talked about it with Vanna Iori, former parliamentarian (deputy and then senator), and full professor of general and social pedagogy at the Catholic University of Milan, at Open Day, on Radio Cusano Campus. Iori offered … Read more



Miele, Lega: “PNRR: SCHOOL PLAN 4.0, Innovative Learning Environments”, Lega’s conference with Minister Valditara tomorrow in Latina School, innovation and Pnr, these issues will be discussed tomorrow in Latina in the presence of the Minister of Education and Merit, Giuseppe Valditara, in the conference entitled: “PNRR: SCHOOL PLAN 4.0, Innovative Learning Environments”. An initiative strongly … Read more

School, another 56 million for the Fvg works plan | Friuli


Investments in Friuli Venezia Giulia’s school buildings were at the center of the conferences with the mayors held this morning between the regional councilors for education Alessia Rosolen and local authorities Pierpaolo Roberti, the heads of the four regional decentralization bodies and the local administrations . During today’s meetings, the further interventions that the Edr … Read more

Dear Littizzetto, unloading the blame for the assault on the teacher means teaching children that everything is permitted. Letter

Sent by Nina La Rosa – Today I read online the comment of the famous comedian regarding the story of the teacher shot in the ball by the students in class, with the questionable message that emerges between the lines “the teacher asked for it because she was probably not empathetic / nice with students” … Read more

Rho, “the school of princesses” is born: the courses in etiquette, make


The school of princesses is born, the first course in Italy to become budding queens. The announcement spread on social media, thanks to the sharing of a poster that quickly attracted the attention of users. From the manifesto it is possible to learn that the lessons will be held in Rho starting from April, every … Read more

Concussions: a quick return to school would be beneficial for young people


MONTREAL — Young people who have suffered a concussion should return to school as soon as possible, as long as measures are taken to accommodate their symptoms, researchers from the Children’s Hospital Research Institute have found. of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). And paradoxically, the more intense the symptoms, the greater the benefits of returning to school. … Read more