Segments equal to or less than six hours: they can be assigned to teachers on duty in the school, only if authorized

The segments equal to or less than six hours can be assigned to teachers on duty in the same school, where there is availability, only if in possession of the specific qualification. Question One of our readers writes: I am a precarious teacher and I was assigned a chair of geography (18 hours) from GPS … Read more

Can Yaman: «I am beautiful? Others remind me of it. I graduated in law and at school I was a nerd “


from Chiara Maffioletti The actor will be on TV from 30 September in prime time on Canale 5 with the series Viola come il mare: It wasn’t easy to start from scratch, but I was determined There are actors, there are much loved actors and then there is Can Yaman , which deserves a separate … Read more

Mass intoxication in Bucaramanga school: students consumed ‘brownie’ with marijuana; this is the story


The strange behavior of eleven students from Bucaramanga caught the attention of the teachers of a school in the city. Then they were alerted by the headache, general malaise and nausea that the students began to have in the classroom. A food they ate generated the emergency that caused them to end up in a … Read more

School, boom in appeals for failures. Requested up to 700 thousand euros


Come on desks from school to those of the courtrooms. Increasingly parents they turn to judges to contest the failures and votes in school report of the children. A growing phenomenon, which sees, for the month of September alone, almost ten sentences issued by the Tar of Lecce following judgments brought against the decisions of … Read more

Why Vicente Fernández did not finish school


“The king, Vicente Fernandez” is a musical biographical series that tells the official story of the greatest legend of ranchera music. In the wake of this productionavailable from September 14, 2022 on Netflix, the life of the “Charro from Huentitan” has become relevant, so many want to know intimate details of his life before becoming … Read more

Sexuality education at school: are the teachers sufficiently trained?


A report from the General Inspectorate, submitted in 2021 to Jean-Michel Blanquer but never revealed so far, points to the shortcomings of National Education concerning sex education in school. Some teachers in the Centre-Val de Loire, in particular, deplore a lack of training. Are teachers sufficiently trained in sex education in the classroom? The answer … Read more