School, Fedriga recalls Perelli: promoting a culture of safety

Udine, 20 January (askanews) – “Safety in the workplace is a battle of civilization, it is even more so when it involves our students and today’s initiative is a fundamental element that helps us work on the culture of awareness so that it becomes inherent in each of us . The risk, as a country … Read more


Image of one of the exterior cracks of the Veleño school. / E. HEADS The City Council will be in charge of financing the study of the pathologies of the structure of the North Zone two months after its partial eviction after being fulfilled two months after the partial eviction of the José Luis Villar … Read more

Equality at school: We don’t need uniforms, we need sex education


For the RN (And Brigitte Macron) the uniform would erase the inequalities between the students. These traditionalist and pro-secular frenzies make do with history and deliberately ignore the reality on the ground. And if we imposed the uniform on the students? For the National Rally, this would be the miracle solution to erase inequalities in … Read more

Severe disability and right to school, the appeal presented by Roberta’s family is rejected


The family ordered to pay the legal costs Roberta is 6 years old and is affected by a rare disease, campomelic acampomelic dysplasia, a disease that causes a very severe disability. Roberta has need continuous and constant assistance and to comply with his right to attend primary school it is necessary for the school to … Read more

Association of Journalists of Lima exhorts to depose all acts of violence and radical positions


FILE PHOTO: Demonstrators clash with security forces during a protest demanding early elections and the release of jailed former president Pedro Castillo, near Juliaca airport, in Juliaca, Peru, January 9, 2023. REUTERS/Hugo Courotto SIN RESALE, NO FILE. In the framework of the protests against the government of Dina Boluarte that has left almost 50 deaths … Read more

Lunel: the return of the great “various” cabaret of the municipal school of music, an unmissable event


Sunday, January 15, the students and teachers of the structure meet the general public at the Georges-Brassens room for a warm moment of instrumental discovery. It is one of the two unmissable events of the year at the municipal music school. This Sunday, January 15 from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., the team of teachers … Read more

Ski school total evader: turnover of 6 million. 15 “abusive” teachers also in trouble


TRENTO – In recent days, the financiers of the Cles Lieutenancy have discovered a company completely unknown to the taxman, active in the sector of the organization of trips, ski and snowboard school and sports equipment rental winter – managed by some subjects of Polish nationality. The commercial activity was rooted in Val di Sole … Read more

Colegio Bicentenario opposes the concession with a new operator


Yesterday, students, parents and some teachers from the Megacolegio Bicentenario went out to protest in Santander Park in front of the Cúcuta City Hall, to demand that the Municipal Education Secretariat not change the operator that has been running the educational institution for the past two years. Also read: In San Pedro and El Pórtico … Read more

The uniform soon to be compulsory at school? Brigitte Macron in favor of his return, “I wore it for 15 years”


Will the uniform impose itself in the French schools? It is in any case an idea that comes up regularly on the French political scene, without ever passing the bar of its adoption by Parliament. That year, it would seem that the debate is just resurfacing, Brigitte Macron having recently spoken on the subject. The … Read more

Sport and citizenship values, such as relationships. The sports curvature of the 1st grade secondary school: Download the project

An individual’s prosocial behavior is influenced by his or her reference values. In particular, the social and civic values ​​that an individual possesses inevitably influence concern for the well-being of others. But there is, and it is evident, a connection between sport and the promotion of reflection on social issues and the common good. “Working … Read more