Victims in Copalita receive help from the Humanitree School

After the passage of hurricane “Agatha” in Oaxaca, the inhabitants of Copalita lost their heritage, but thanks to the generosity of the citizens and community of the Humanitree College a large amount of food was gathered that this Thursday its founder, María Laura Medina de Salinas, delivered to the victims. Two trucks loaded with humanitarian … Read more

Lapinou, the globe trotter mascot of the Allassac kindergarten back from the 4L trophy

Rabbit, a small stuffed animal, is the mascot of the kindergarten of Allassac in Corrèze. For the past fifteen years, he has regularly gone on adventures. A window open to the world for school children. Last trip to date with a 4LTrophy team. Lapinou returned home, unharmed, this week. Big ears, green hair, rosy cheeks … Read more

School and family in the time of Covid. Research on parents and teachers presented

An afternoon full of content that took place in Castiglion Fiorentino at the Le Santucce auditorium, which saw the participation of institutions and professionals from the world of health discussing in a round table on “School and Family in the time of Covid”. The event, sponsored by the Municipality and carried out in collaboration with … Read more

The team from the Compañía de María school in Talavera, champion of Spain in the EntreREDes Olympiad

The team from the Compañía de María school, from Talavera of the Queenhas been proclaimed champion of Spain in the EntreREDes Olympiad, organized by Red Eléctrica Española for ESO students. made up of Angelica de la Llave, Laura Otero, Alicia Sanchez Y Fatima Sanchezthe Talaverano team represented Castilla-La Mancha in the national final of the … Read more

« L’école du futur » et les fausses solutions du New Public Management


Début juin, après sa réélection, E. Macron a présenté son « école du futur ». Pour l’essentiel, les chefs d’établissement choisiraient les professeurs de « leur équipe » et les expérimentations pourraient être multipliées au niveau local. Telle qu’elle est définie, cette école du futur n’est pas une idée neuve. Elle reprend les thèses de … Read more

In the Arab world, girls have less chance of going to school, but better grades than boys


In the Arab world there is a paradox that we have been trying to investigate for years: girls are less likely to go to schoolfewer opportunities to continue in education, fewer adult job prospects, but yet they achieve much better results than their male peers. Of course, one cannot generalize and each case is separate … Read more

The progressive school left by the children of Prince William and Kate Middleton with their move to Windsor


Summer will be a season of significant movement for Kate Middleton (40 years) and the Prince Guillermo (39). The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will leave London to settle in Windsor and be closer to the Queen isabel II (96). The move, in addition to a new house, involves the change of school for the … Read more

Why allow the mixing of languages ​​at school?

The way of considering the use of several languages ​​has evolved with scientific advances in the field. Initially, it was a question of considering plurilingual skills as the ability to use several languages ​​in a superimposed and cumulative and therefore independent way. Then, this same competence was considered from the angle of a temporary intertwining … Read more

They steal material valued at 20,000 euros at the A Laxe de Valón school

The directors and directors of the ten public schools of Ferrol publicly expressed their discomfort with the management of the City Council of Ferrol, which they demand, among other things, the reinforcement of security measures in educational facilities, whose conservation and maintenance corresponds to the local administration. Yesterday, the group showed its concern at the … Read more