Perpignan: “In the classrooms of the Platanes school, the thermometer has climbed to 34°!” What plan against the heat wave at school?

A group of parents from this Perpignan school are protesting against the harmful effects of the heat wave in classrooms “overheated, not ventilated and even less air-conditioned”. Not to mention the schoolyard “devoid of trees” where the sun beats down hard. They ask the municipality “to intervene quickly”. The latter ensures to prepare an “air … Read more

Pnrr, the schools that will be financed in Emilia

A rendering of the projects financed by the NRP Designing new schools, an action that knows of the future, of interpretation of what education is and what it can become in its relationship between education, growth and architecture. A far-sighted response, starting from the needs of living in the school of the present, the 23 … Read more

The Granada Festival for the first time in the courtyard of the Colegio Mayor Santa Cruz la Real

Among the significant events in the programming of the Festival of 2022, there is having carried until the Santa Cruz la Real College one of his sessions. As we have written in the publication that COPE dedicated for more than two decades to this unique event of European culture, this scenario had only been chosen … Read more

Cotentin. At school, we celebrate more and more the people we love

By Nicolas Lepigeon Published on June 26 ’22 at 4:20 PM The Channel Press See my news Follow this media Family patterns have evolved. The school sometimes adapts to this situation on the occasion of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. (©DP) The paintings, the shape of the hands in the salt dough, the pompoms, the … Read more

Naples, in Ponticelli school open for one evening: an exhibition on the work of students


Despite the particularly difficult months due to the pandemic shocks, the school works for quality teaching with activities that go beyond traditional “school time”. A year of work and sacrifices to show, with pride, to the community. This is the sense of the initiative of the comprehensive 83 Porchiano Bordiga institute in Ponticelli, a district … Read more

Mutism in the Heidelberg school before the surprise dismissal of its director

Absolute silence around the Heidelberg school, one of the most important private centers in the Canary Islands, after the surprise dismissal of its director, Miguel Ángel Montenegro, made official last week. The Board of Directors of the company that operates the center, Colegio Heidelberg, SA, considers that the time has come for a replacement to … Read more



On Tuesday June 14, Adèle Legros and Tristan Kérourédan received the 4th prize in the “young people’s prize for the environment” competition. These two students from ENSIL-ENSCI (Limoges engineering school) saw their project rewarded with an endowment of 1,000 euros, on the theme “Tech and Ecological Transition”. Since November, the duo in their final year … Read more

The roots, the wings, the flight of an Agricultural School


Photo highlighted by Donato Bagnardi. Rome 2007 – Presentation of the book: Murolo G., Facts and figures of agricultural teaching, Reda, 2007. From the right: prof. Martino Pastore, president of the CRSFA at the time and former principal (the first) and the school inspector Giuseppe Murolo (the third). From left: the vice principal prof. Vincenzo … Read more

The College of Physicians of Granada honors the physicians with the most years of profession


College of doctors. / ideal It also names Serafín Romero and Salvador Galán as honorary collegiate IDEAL Sunday, June 26, 2022, 11:06 The president of the College of Physicians of Granada, Jorge Fernández, highlighted the work of health professionals during the pandemic in the act of brotherhood that the group celebrates every year and in … Read more

“Technology will not save us! “Polytechnique graduates, they warn about the climate

The promotions of the years 2015, 2016 and 2017 of the Polytechnic school were in the spotlight, this Friday June 24 and Saturday June 25, 2022. Delayed because of the Covid, their graduation ceremonies had to wait a little before being able to hold in the large amphitheatres of the campus, on the plateau of … Read more