Alleged case of sexual harassment and shooting threat surrounds Colegio de Torreón

Torreón, Coahuila.- Parents reported a case of alleged sexual harassment by a student of a recognized Collegewhich supposedly has not been attended and sanctioned by teachers and directors. Through the Facebook pages ‘Las Brujas del Desierto’ and ‘M Unidas Laguna’ it was detailed that, on the morning of Thursday, June 9, a “reprehensible” situation occurred … Read more

War in Ukraine: in Yahidne, the school of terror

Yahidne was to be just one stage in a war that was supposed to happen at lightning speed. But the plans imagined by the Russian general staff very quickly fell apart. Instead of a rapid advance towards kyiv from the north of the country, Vladimir Putin’s soldiers came up against fierce resistance from the Ukrainians … Read more

Alessio and Giada killed by their father, a plaque on the Mesenzana school to remember the children: “You will always be in our hearts”

“If your memory will be in all of us, you will always be here in our hearts”: is the text of the sign placed outside the comprehensive “Domenico Zuretti” Institute with which the entire community of Mesenzana (in Valcuvia, in the Varese area) has wanted to commemorate Alessio And Jadethe 7 and 13 year old … Read more

Bar Association holds the First International Congress on the Social Democratic State of Law

Dominican Republic.-The Bar Association of the Dominican Republic (CARD) held the First International Congress on the Social Democratic State of Law, which was held in person and virtually with national and international exhibitors. The opening of the event was headed by the president of CARD, Miguel Surun Hernández; Víctor Céspedes Martínez, rector of the National … Read more

“The role of the school to reaffirm the principles of the Constitution”

I missed this day a lot in these years of pandemic and I only realized it when, after all this time, I returned to the square to celebrate the Italian Republic Day, this historic date rich in civil and social value.I missed that moment of silence in which you reflect on the men who fell … Read more

College of Engineers of Chile: Alert about the risks of the draft of the new Constitution in mining


The group of professionals announced during the meeting “Engineers and the Constitution: Sustainable development for Chile from engineering” a series of observations and proposals that seek to improve the document and its impact on our society. JUNE, 2022.- “It has been said that the Constitution is everyone’s home, but for it to be everyone’s it … Read more

Faced with the bifurcation of young graduates, the Ecole des Mines is reviewing its program from a climate perspective

To avoid the “bifurcation” phenomenon launched by young graduates from the AgroParisTech engineering school, the Ecole des Mines has taken the lead. It has completely revised its educational program to address climate change from all angles: industrial, environmental, economic and social. A transformation that aims to meet a growing demand from students. Exit Mines ParisTech, … Read more

Proudly established in the 93, the Casa93 school is changing fashion


Founded in 2017 in Saint-Ouen and now based in Montreuil, the free and unconditional Casa93 fashion school contrasts completely with the rest of the training in this elitist sector. Interview with its director Nadine Gonzalez. “Casa93 is a free and committed fashion training of a new kind, free and without diploma conditions for young creatives … Read more

Cinema and school: the service conference in Florence

Cinema in the classroom, increasingly at the center of educational paths Tuscan school leaders gathered to learn about the opportunities and new projects related to cinema in the classroom. This, in summary, is the content of the service conferencepromoted byRegional School Office for Tuscanyin collaboration with the Tuscany region and the Regional Secretariat of the … Read more

Inauguration of the Arenas Internacional School Olympics


“Sustainable development for a better world” is the title of the XXVI edition of this event that will take place until June 16 Digital Lancelot “Sustainable development for a better world” is the title with which Arenas International School will celebrate its XXVI Olympiad until June 16. A nod … Read more