70,000 teachers hired by 2024, an extension is being thought of to ask the EU: the DPCM on initial training is still missing

The new recruitment and training plan envisaged by law 79/2022, the Bianchi reform linked to the Pnrr, risks slipping: to reach the target of 70,000 hired by 2024 there would be no technical time given that the Dpcm which regulates is still missing the training and qualification of new teachers. For this reason, it is not excluded that an extension can be requested in Brussels.

The Minister of Education and Merit said it from the very first days: “we are late with the reforms of the Pnrr“. But if for orientation and school sizing it will be very probable to meet the deadline of December 31, 2022, as far as recruitment is concerned, the story becomes more complicated.

Therefore, the deadline of December 31, 2024 to have 70,000 new hires in the role could jump, explains Italia Oggi. Furthermore, Europe has made it clear that only a small part of these 70,000 can come from experienced precarious workers hired with confidential procedures.

The issue has been bogged down for months, as we know, due to the lack of Dpcm on initial training. This was expected by 31 July 2022but then it was never launched again.

At the moment there would be regulatory filings between the Ministry of Education and the University to close the dossier that will define the contents and structuring of the training offer corresponding to 60 university or academic training credits necessary for initial training.

Requests still remain Mario Pittonieducation manager of the League: “The training courses enabling teaching must not include an internship for those who have already taught for a lifetime and, above all, no entry selection. In the Dpcm being worked on by the ministry, the error of the limited number of active training internships (Tfa) should not be repeated, at the origin of the current serious shortage of teachers specialized in support and in general of qualified teachers. Otherwise it is better to wait for the next government“.

It would certainly have been more practical to reactivate the special enabling pathways (Pas) successfully tested in 2013, extending them to caged individuals and PhDs. These paths – loudly desired by hundreds of thousands of precarious workers still confined to the second tier – are in fact recognized as having produced top-level teachers focusing on general and special teaching, general and special pedagogy aimed at special educational needs, experimental pedagogy, discipline, pedagogical-didactic laboratories, information and communication technologies for teaching, modeling themselves on the characteristics of the categories involved“, he always added Pittoni.

So while waiting to define these steps, at the moment it seems rather unlikely to reach 70,000 new hires: if the new courses are not defined and these do not start, we will not be able to have new hires from the new recruitment path presented to Europe.

Probably, in the coming weeks, we will try to find a new deadline, an extension of one or two years, perhaps increasing the number of permanent recruits from the new recruitment and training system.

The DPCM initial training

By 31 July 2022, the provision of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers should have been defined

  • the contents and structuring of the educational offer corresponding to 60 CFU/CFA, of which at least 10 in the pedagogical area, including direct and indirect internship activities of not less than 20 CFU/CFA. For each internship CFU/CFA, the commitment in class cannot be less than 12 hours. THE
  • the number of university or academic credits reserved for inclusive training of people with disabilities
  • the percentage of attendance at the training activities necessary for access to the final exam
  • the procedures for carrying out the final exam of the university and academic course, including the written and oral exam.

An important aspect to underline is that within the 60 ECTS in any case, the validity of the 24 CFU/CFA already achieved will be recognised as a requirement for access to the competition according to the previous regulations.

The decree will establish the criteria for the recognition of any other credits accrued during university or academic studies, provided that they are strictly consistent with the educational objectives.

The cost of participation in the course is entirely attributed to the students but there will be a “calmerated” price, i.e. the proposal of a maximum ceiling that the universities will be able to propose.

New recruitment, how it works

The fully operational system for the new recruitment and initial training of teachers, from 1 January 2025, provides for:

  1. The qualifying courses of 60 credits, with written test and simulated lesson. The written test will consist of a critical analysis of the school experience carried out during the course.
  2. insolvency procedure. Access to the competition takes place either with qualification or with the requirement of 3 years of service in the state school, in the previous five years, of which at least 1 in the competition class. For those who participate in the competition with the qualification and win it, there is a permanent contract. For those who participate without qualification (with the service requirement) it is expected to sign an annual supply contract (August 31st) during which the teacher supports a training course of 30 CFU, which if passed positively gives the right to employment with a contract indefinitely.
  3. Once the contract has been signed with TI, the teacher takes the trial period with a final test, as per DM 226/2022 and in the event of a positive outcome, he is definitively confirmed in the role.

A transitional phase is foreseen, valid until 31 December 2024 which provides for:

  1. Activation of 30 CFU training courses that give access to the competitions until 31 December 2024, or access with 24 CFU, provided they are acquired by 31 October 2022.
  2. insolvency procedure. For those who are successful, signing of an annual contract (August 31st), completion of the university and academic initial training course for 30 credits, which in the event of a positive outcome gives the right to permanent employment.
  3. Once the contract has been signed with TI, the teacher takes the trial period with a final test, as per DM 226/2022 and in the event of a positive outcome, he is definitively confirmed in the role.

They are also expected courses of 30 ECTS aimed at teachers already qualified in another competition class or other grade and for i specialized teachers hired on support, but lacking the qualification for the discipline.

70,000 teachers hired by 2024, an extension is being thought of to ask the EU: the DPCM on initial training is still missing – Orizzonte Scuola