75% of Mexicans suffer from work stress due to working in unhealthy spaces

According to a statement from ESDESIGN consulted by NotiPress the 75 percent of citizens in Mexico suffer from fatigue due to work stress. In addition, long hours of work without rest generate stress for 42% of centennial workers. Likewise, an analysis of the International Labor Organization found that 41% of people who work at home feel stressed. For this reason, the aforementioned statement indicates that the wellness and healthy spaces help reduce the stress of workers.

It is proven, according to the report shared with the news agency, that work environments impact the intimate life of workers, either totally remote, face-to-face or hybrid. Likewise, 85% of people indicate that work-related problems have negatively affected their relationship with their children, partner or with close relatives, specified the study of Momentu. About, Enzo Vignolo, academic of the ESDESIGNHigher School of Design of Barcelona, ​​and expert in healthy interiors added “the spaces where we usually are mold and condition us“.

It is estimated that, in the Western world in pre-pandemic times, we already spend more than 90% of our time in them. Today, more than ever, a very attentive and careful look is necessary for the design of interior spaces Wellbeing and healthy spaces can help reduce the stress of workersadded the academic. However, Vingolo commented that the design of viable spaces It is essential to change the quality of life of workers. That is, spaces where they can find a balance between work and personal life, thus reducing levels of anxiety and stress at work.

The good implementation of lighting and air circulation are valuable factors in work spaces wellness. Harmful materials such as chlorine and hydrocarbons are added in furniture, varnishes and paints polluting directly the quality of the air that is breathed in a special place for workers.

Faced with such a scenario, designer Enzo Vignolo recommends that the air concentrated in work spaces should circulate constantly through cross ventilation. It’s also important to add healthy items like rugs, rugs, and curtains that act like a net to trap airborne dust particles.

However, Wellbeing sustainable design can considerably mitigate aspects such as worker stress and anxiety. So then, the expert concluded “We have learned a lot in recent decades about how the brain and body work. In itself, how the spaces we inhabit condition us and shape both our character, at work or in our own home. Restructuring the environments where we normally find ourselves and where we work today will reduce our work stress and improve our physical and mental health“.


75% of Mexicans suffer from work stress due to working in unhealthy spaces