A Nautical Institute on Elba, the Province examines a request from the area

the provincial council, meeting on 22 November in the Palazzo Granducale, approved the resolution that dismisses the new Plan for the dimensioning of the school network and the training offer in the area. The document is made up of the part relating to the distribution on the territory of the scholastic institutions and the complexes that compose them and of the part of the training offer, relating to teaching, school time, study courses and curvatures.

The approved Plan will now be sent to the Region for inclusion in the overall Plan under its jurisdiction, which will subsequently be forwarded to the Regional School Office. The final decision on the allocation of staff who, in whole or in part, will respond to the requests of the territories will ultimately rest with the Ministry of Education.

Within the sphere of the Province’s responsibilities regarding higher education, one of the most relevant novelties of the Plan is the proposal to create a new agricultural professional study course which will be located in a specific complex in the Municipality of Campiglia in Venturina Terme. In fact, the comparison process for the acquisition of the structure of the former Bic of Venturina Terme, owned by Società Sviluppo Toscana, which starting from the A.S. 2024/25 will welcome the professional address of “Services for Agriculture and Rural Development” of the Einaudi-Ceccherelli Institute of Piombino.

“So – he underlined the president of the Province Marida Bessi we aim to expand the educational offer of the Val di Cornia area, which in recent years has particularly suffered in terms of school dropout and migration of students to other areas, with a professional offer that can certainly find a positive employment response in an area dedicated to agriculture and tourism”.

Even the provincial councilor and mayor of Campiglia, Alberta Ticciati, expresses satisfaction with this result: “An objective on which we have worked for a long time in harmony and institutional synergy, to give an answer to the many young people for whom the largest fraction of the Municipality of Campiglia Marittima represents a barycentric point and easily reachable from a vast area that goes from the hills at the sea. This also enhances the training of increasingly sought-after professional profiles in the Livorno area characterized by high-quality agriculture that requires innovation and generational turnover“.

Also in the Val di Cornia area, the Province has accepted the proposal of the Zonal Conference for the establishment of 2 comprehensive institutes which will include kindergartens, primary and lower secondary schools.

As regards the other requests from secondary schools, the proposals for the year 2023-24 confirm the propensity towards professional and technical courses with outlets in the sea trades. As an example the Cerboni Institute of Portoferraio, which requests the opening of the nautical technical institute, or the request for the address of naval vessel maintenance man advanced by the Carducci-Volta-Pacinotti Institute of Piombino. The Buontalenti-Cappellini-Orlando Institute of Livorno is moving into another professional field, which renews, among others, the request to restart a historic professional address, very popular in Livorno, such as that for dental technicians.

A Nautical Institute on Elba, the Province examines a request from the area