Academy Engineering, a campus where to grow new talents on digital transformation

Rome, November 24th (Adnkronos/Labitalia) – Knowing, knowing how to do, knowing how to be, are the three levels of competence that distinguish the Enrico Della Valle it & management academy of the Engineering Group located in Ferentino, just outside Rome. One of the leading corporate schools on information technology in Italy which since its inception has trained and constantly updated many professionals who work for the leading company in the digitization of business and public administration processes. A campus that has 16 computerized classrooms, a lecture hall, a library and a testing center that allow the Engineering Group to invest in innovation and human capital, always remaining attentive to the continuous upskilling and reskilling of employees. A training center that provides the necessary tools to face the current and future challenges of the labor market, increasingly characterized by a mismatch between supply and demand due to the lack of skills required of professionals in the various production sectors.

“The Engineering Group academy – explained the director of the it&management Academy, Ferdinando Lo Re – speaking of the Ferentino hub is the place where we build the knowledge of the employees, the young people who join the company and our customers. It is a place where we plan training courses for upskilling, reskilling and professional certification, but also where we support the growth of the professionalism of our young talents through specific courses related to digital transformation. Knowing, knowing how to do and knowing how to be are three dimensions of the same professionalism. A specialist must understand enabling technologies and how they apply to improve clients’ business processes. Know-how is applied knowledge, experience and that is what we build in the field that allows us to find the right solutions for the market. Finally, knowing how to be is the relational dimension, the ability to work in teams and that is the aptitude for leadership”.

The Engineering Group, a key player in the creation of digital ecosystems to connect different markets, has thus rethought the human capital enhancement system. A new training model based on central key drivers such as: the involvement of companies in school training plans; the rethinking of school and university curricula; the promotion of stem subjects; collaborations with universities; the enhancement of professional training; the integration of training activities with active employment policies; and finally, the enhancement of the lifelong learning approach. A forward-looking company policy that saw Engineering being awarded in October 2022 with the title of Top climber stem at the Universum award Italy 2022.

In twenty years the Enrico Della Valle It & Management Academy has offered numerous academy programs, opening its doors to young talents passionate about technological innovation. Professional training courses, aimed at recent graduates and graduates, which are aimed at providing digital skills and training new managers.

“The academy programs are the pathways for professional integration and specialization for young talented graduates and graduates who will join the company. Through these we can include them in the digital transformation projects of the Engineering Group”, underlined Ferdinando Lo Re.

The Ferentino campus annually organizes 25,000 training days, involving 10,000 participants in 400 courses held by 240 certified teachers. Numbers that make the academy a central subject for overcoming the gap between the working skills required by companies and those actually possessed by those who have completed their studies. An increasingly central reality that is adapting production processes to the changes deriving from digitalisation. A continuous work of growth that in 2022 alone, thanks to a hiring plan, led to the hiring of over 1200 new resources in Engineering.

The Group, which is constantly expanding worldwide, has promoted numerous projects through the Enrico Della Valle it & management academy that have involved, and are still involving, schools and organizations such as the Itis Enrico Fermi of Frascati and the Community of San Patrignano . The experimental training project in the stem disciplines, promoted in collaboration with Assoknowledge and the Itis Enrico Fermi of Frascati, has allowed 20 students from the Technical Institute to learn software languages ​​up to the development of professional apps for smartphones. A work of involvement that has been re-proposed, and will begin soon, with a social reality committed to the recovery of the person such as the Community of San Patrignano. A project that will see the Enrico Della Valle it & management Academy impart 150 hours of training courses to over 100 girls and boys who will have the opportunity to approach the professions of Information Technology.

Among the innovations promoted by the university campus there are also the three new programs – the Academy Healthcare, the Academy DotNet and the Academy Data & Analytic – which aim to train new talents to be included in the company. The Healthcare Academy aims to train candidates on all aspects of Engineering solutions for the public and private healthcare market, taking care of the analysis, design and delivery of the same to the most important customers on the national scene.

The DotNet Academy aims to train candidates on the characteristics of the .net core framework, on the fundamental concepts of the cloud, in particular the characteristics of Microsoft’s Azure so as to be able to place candidates in the Microsoft Competence Center of the Engineering Group and in development groups companies that use these technologies. Finally, the Data & Analytic Academy will train students on BI and DWH methodologies with a specific focus on Data Visualization and specialization on powerbi and knowage tools, subsequently being included in the coe d&a with the profile of junior data analyst.

Academy Engineering, a campus where to grow new talents on digital transformation