Adult education: the Ministry of Education provides the indications for the functioning of the CPIA for the academic year 2022/2023

There Directorate general for school systems, the evaluation and internationalization of the national education system, with note 23747 of 15 September 2022 provided some indications aimed at ensure smooth operation of the Provincial Centers for Adults (CPIA) for the school year 2022/223 The document, in confirming the provisions of note 22805 of 11 November 2019, provides further clarifications and updates. To this end the MI invites the various subjects contributing to the functioning of the national adult education system, a prepare all the necessary documents in good time, also in consideration of any changes that have occurred in the regional plans for the dimensioning of the school network. Below is the summary of the agreements, provisions and obligations current.


In table below is the list of agreements for which it is necessary to prepare the completion and / or updating and / or renewal as soon as possible.


Subjects involved

Reference legislation

How to use common spaces / buildings, also in relation

  • to the provisions of art. 3 of Law 23/96 regarding the competences of local authorities
  • the responsibilities arising from safety matters
  • CPIA (administrative unit)
  • school institutions, where the headquarters and associated offices of the CPIA itself are located
  • Local societies

Note n. 8041 of 7 September 2015

(The agreement must be signed or updated by 30 September 2022 and sent to the competent USR)

  • CPIA (administrative unit)
  • second-degree educational institutions, already identified by the U.SS.RR., where second-level courses are based

Presidential Decree 263/12 art. 5 paragraph 2

Note 18250 of 15 July 2022

Note 7755 of May 3, 2019

Activation of the third level (training unit) of the territorial network of the functional CPIA

  • the planning and implementation of interventions to expand the training offer
  • to the design and implementation of research, experimentation and development activities
  • the eventual establishment of Technical Tables which the teaching staff may make use of for the purpose of expanding the training offer
  • CPIA (administrative unit)
  • training structures accredited by the regions.

(respecting the competences of the regions and local authorities)

Presidential Decree 263/12 art. 2 paragraph 5

Guidelines, adopted with the DI 12 March 2015 point 3.

Realization of

  • “System measures”
  • “Collaboration and synergistic connection”

aimed at providing educational courses in prevention and punishment institutions also in application of the memorandum of understanding

“Special program for education and training in prisons and juvenile justice services” signed on 29 October 2020 between MI and the Ministry of Justice.

  • CPIA (administrative unit and didactic unit),
  • training structures accredited by the regions
  • other types of education and training pathways (continuous training, apprenticeship paths, IFTS, ITS …)
  • competent territorial structures of the Ministry of Justice

Guidelines, adopted with the DI 12 March 2015 point 3.6


Below is the list of provisions as updated by note 23747/22.



Reference standards

Individual Training Agreement

(A special function has been set up by the Directorate General for Contracts, Purchases and Information Systems and Statistics)

  • formalization of the personalized study path
  • evaluation of the routes

(By November 15, 2022.

For adults who have submitted the application for registration remotely and transmit the documentation necessary for the completion of the same application, by November 15, 2022, the deadline can be extended to November 30, 2022)

Evaluation and certification

The transitional provisions are confirmed

Civic education in first level adult education paths

Final state exam of the first level courses, first didactic period

For the adult who in the school year 2021/22 obtained a grade of less than six tenths at the final State Exam of the first level courses – first teaching period, the class council communicates to the commission for the definition of the individual training agreement (PFI), the shortcomings identified in for the purpose of revising the PFI and the related formalization of the personalized study path to be attended in the school year 2022/23 in order to be able to take the final state exam of the study path by March 2023.

Second level courses of professional education

Adults will continue to attend professional education paths according to the previous legal framework

  • Guidelines, adopted with the DI 12 March 2015


Below is the list of fulfillments as updated by circular 23747/22.

Agora classrooms

The DPR 263/12 provides that the adult can enjoy from a distance part of the training course. The Guidelines adopted with the Interministerial Decree of 12 March 2015 establish that, in the face of documented needsremote use may include the carrying out of synchronous activity (online conferences) between the teacher present in the CPIA offices and level groups present in the remote classrooms, called AGORA. Ordinarily each CPIA could activate no more than one Agorà Hall. However, the note reminds that it is left to the prudent appreciation of the UU.SS.RR. the opportunity to promote and authorize the activation of a number of AGORÀ classrooms possibly higher than that indicated in the note prot. n. 7755/19, without prejudice to the activation procedure provided for by the latter.

L’authorization the activation of these types of classrooms is delegated to the regional school offices. The MI invites the school offices to issue this authorization as soon as possible.

Specific interventions useful for the continuation of studies in the relative second didactic period.

In confirming the instructions given with note 22805 of 11 November 2019, the regional school offices prepare the surveys and communicate the data to the ministry in relation to the cases of adults attending the first didactic periodAt educational institutions where the second level paths are hinged, not active in the organic. This possibility, contemplated in the context of the so-called system measures (Presidential Decree 263/12, art.3 paragraph 4)

  • it is part of the activities to expand the training offer prepared by the aforementioned institutions as part of specific network agreements with the CPIAs
  • must foresee useful interventions for the continuation of studies in the second didactic period

Note 22805 clarifies that a similar possibility is “also extended to adults who have requested enrollment in a second didactic period of second level courses not active in the organic “.

Link between the adult education system and the VET system

As is known in the Interministerial Decree of 17 May 2018 which acknowledges the Agreement in the State-Regions Conference relating to link between vocational education and vocational education and training, it is foreseen that the State and the Regions favor the link between the adult education system and the VET system with the aim of promotinglifelong learning for citizens also through VET courses specifically aimed at them. Criteria and modalities they are defined in specific agreements stipulated at regional level between the Region and the related Regional School Office.

To this end, the possibility of activate VET courses in conjunction with the CPIA for adults over 18 years of age according to the procedures set out in point 4.1. of the guidelines adopted by the inter-ministerial decree of 12 May 2015.

National Evaluation System (VNS)

Starting from the three-year period 2022-2025, the process connected to the National Evaluation System (SNV) and related tools (RAV, PdM, PTOF) it becomes ordinal also for the CPIAs. Further and specific indications will be sent with a subsequent ministerial note.


With respect to the contrast to the spread of the COVID 19 infection, reference must be made

Adult education: the Ministry of Education provides the indications for the functioning of the CPIA for the academic year 2022/2023