Aid Decree Bis is law: goodbye to the expert teacher and new funds for education. What changes for the school?

With 178 yes, 13 abstentions and no contrary, the Senate gives the green light to the Aid Bis Decree. The law, passed by the Draghi government to stem the high-energy costs, and therefore consequently the high-bills, contains within it various measures that have an important impact on the school as well.

The name “expert teacher” disappears, changed to “permanently incentivized teacher”; but not only that, with the DL Aiuti Bis special funds are released for the energy efficiency of school structures as well as to support families in difficulty. Let’s see in detail what changes for the school with the new decree.

Who is the “permanently incentivized” teacher

The changes made to the text of the law eliminate the figure of the “expert teacher”, so economic incentives will remain. In fact, article 38 of the Bis Aid Decree provides for permanent teachers, forms of rewarding and career progression, linked to the successful overcoming of training courses. In simple terms it is a career progression system, which passes through a mechanism of “Stable incentive”, with the provision of a “One-off remuneration element of an ancillary nature, established by national collective bargaining, not less than 10 percent and not more than 20 percent of the salary in enjoyment”.

But what must the teacher do to get this treatment? The mechanism entitles the teacher to an annual allowance ad personam for an amount equal to 5,650 euros – in addition to the salary – if he has obtained a positive evaluation in passing three consecutive training courses. The Ministry of Education, having heard the opinion of the Minister of Economy and Finance and of the trade unions, establishes the manner in which the economic benefit is awarded.

DL Aid Bis, 32 million euros for anti-Covid protection services and devices

The Aid Bis Decree also provides for an increase of 32 million euros for 2022 in the Fund for the functioning of educational institutions. The funds – shared among state schools – can be used to purchase professional servicestraining and technical assistance for safety in the workplace, for medical-health and psychological assistance as well as for laundry services and waste removal and disposal. To then counter Covid19, and be able to continue on the path of “normality” in school environments – part of the funds can be allocated the purchase of protective equipment, materials for individual and environmental hygiene.

Support for families for public transport

To support families and counter the rise in energy prices, in particular costs related to public transport, it was increased from 79 to 180 million euros the fund established at the Ministry of Labor aimed at issuing a voucher to be used for the purchase – until 31 December 2022 – of season tickets for local, regional and interregional public transport services.

Aid Decree Bis is law: goodbye to the expert teacher and new funds for education. What changes for the school?