ALHAMA DE MURCIA / The Alhama City Council expands its services thanks to the Jointly Responsible Plan

Leisure and free time activities for young people, educational reinforcement workshops, morning proximity service and training actions are some of the initiatives developed by the Consistory

The Corresponsables Plan is a new public policy promoted by the Secretary of State for Equality and against Gender Violence of the Ministry of Equality, financed by the General State Budget, which aims to initiate the path towards guaranteeing care as a right in Spain from the perspective of equality between women and men, under article 44 of Organic Law 3/2007, of March 22, for the effective equality of women and men and from a guarantee of universal rights approach .

It is a public policy model designed to guarantee care and facilitate conciliation, thus guaranteeing the needs of families. Thanks to this budget allocation from the Government of Spain, the Alhama City Council has been able to expand and improve the reconciliation program that it has been carrying out since 2015.

The slogan chosen for this project and which encompasses the various programs that are being developed by the municipal areas involved (Equality, Youth and Education), has been ‘Turn it around’. “We are at a key moment to turn around gender roles and stereotypes that have historically been improving the rules of the game in our society”, explained councilor Nani Navarro, who added that “despite the cultural changes that have been happening for decades, even today we continue to find many very marked patterns, which continue to pigeonhole women in the roles of caretakers, upbringing and all other household chores; and men in the roles of provider, work away from home and independence”.

Department of Equality

From the Equality area, within the framework of this plan and with the aim of developing specific actions to transform the relationship between men and masculinity in care and equality, a training program is being carried out aimed at different areas:

1. 3rd and 4th year ESO students from the institutes.

2. Sports clubs.

3. Staff of the City Council and NGOs

Its objectives are:

Promote change in men towards positions favorable to equality, co-responsibility and care.

Know and detect the factors that hinder the co-responsible reconciliation of men.

The City Council is also working on the creation of a bag of professional caregivers, which will include various professional profiles:

1. Higher Technician in Early Childhood Education.

2. Senior Technician in Sociocultural and Tourist Animation.

3. Senior Technician in Teaching and Social Sports Animation.

4. Senior Technician in Social Integration.

5. Leisure and Free Time monitors.

6. Assistant of Early Childhood Education or Kindergarten.

7. People with experience in care, especially women over 45 years of age.

All those interested can send an application by following the steps described on the website created for this plan. Tel. 968 21 02 90.

Youth Department

Thanks to the Corresponsables Plan, the Youth Department has been able to increase youth activities that had been carried out and paid for by the City Council since the last legislature. In this way, an assortment of activities is offered for children under 18 years of age for their enjoyment, thus responding to their requests for leisure.

Some of them take place in the cultural center ‘La Guarida’. This plan has made it possible to increase the staff assigned to this space; Now it has a Social Educator, in charge of liaising with the institutes to develop attractive activities for adolescents.

Other activities have also been scheduled during the holiday periods: climbing, go-kart racing, adventure activities, paintball, Aqualandia, K-Pop workshop and urban dance, II Mixed 5-a-side Football Tournament and 3×3 Basketball Tournament. Halloween games in the Plaza de la Constitución for the little ones, as well as a horror escape room. Or initiatives during this Christmas, as well as craft workshops and Christmas sweets. All of them focused and designed to promote family reconciliation.

Department of Education

Since 2015, Education has been applying reconciliation programs charged exclusively to municipal budgets. Now, under the Co-responsible Plan, these policies have been improved and expanded, with in the case of the free morning proximity service.

Another example is the summer school, which has welcomed half a thousand children during the months of June, July and August, expanding so that no family is left out.

The educational reinforcement program, which is carried out every year from February to June, has also been extended since November to attend to those most vulnerable children who need extra support and their families cannot afford an academy. This is carried out in the afternoons in the public institutes of the municipality.

ALHAMA DE MURCIA / The Alhama City Council expands its services thanks to the Jointly Responsible Plan