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The ambassadors of the Council of College Life are fully invested. Example with their involvement against school bullying.

Established in 2015, the national day for the fight against school bullying takes place each year on the first Thursday following the school holidays of All Saints. Thursday, November 10, the entire Jean-Auriac college in Arveyres was thus mobilized around this dynamic.

On the teachers’ side, various interventions were offered throughout the day to classes, at all levels, with work on a giant puzzle in English, a dance session on the expression of emotions and the body in physical education, debates, a work on a text talking about harassment in French, social networks and their impacts mentioned in technology, etc.

6th grade classess also benefited from an intervention by Cie OXO on the subject and spaces for dialogue supervised by the CPE Nathalie Paronneau and the nurse Sandrine Lalande. They are also both in charge of the Council of College Life, “a civic body that promotes the involvement of students in the life of their collegeexplains Nathalie Paronneau. With the arrival of a second full-time CPE on the establishment and peaceful conditions following the arrival in the new premises, the CVC is resuming its activities with great energy. “About twenty young people got involved this year, including a student from ULIS class, students with an exemplary spirit who make up an active, dynamic group with relevant initiatives taken. They are really driving students and some of them are discovering themselves”.

And in fact, they are fully invested in the theme of inclusion and school bullying. They were present at the start of the 6th grades to welcome them with a treasure hunt, explain to them how the college works and reassure them. They took part in the national poster competition on bullying, posters then installed in all the classes of the establishment.

Colorful and lively day

For this day of November 10, a dress code was proposed to pupils and educational teams around green for hope and white for peace. These ambassadors were clearly identified so that everyone could come and see them during the year if it’s too complicated to tell an adult about them. A large banner was also installed, made up of dozens of kind words written on post-its and collected by the ambassadors so that suffering children know that they are not alone.

At the same time, during lunch, green bracelets were distributed to children who pledged to respect their classmates throughout the year. The young ambassadors will also be trained to listen to their peers. “We really want to make it a PHARe project in our establishment, in reference to the program to fight against bullying at school”.

Viviane Bourcy

Arveyres: Jean-Auriac college says no to school harassment