Assisi, the majority approves the 2023

In the budget everything was decided not to provide for any increase in taxes and fees and even less the establishment of new taxes such as the additional municipal income tax. “Our Municipality – explained the mayor – is still among the very few Umbrian municipalities – and among the few in Italy – which has not imposed the municipal income surtax (it is about 2/3 million euros which are not withdrawn from pockets of citizens). This is even more significant considering the notable decrease in current revenues and the substantial increase in energy costs, despite this we break even without withdrawing resources from citizens nor, as mentioned, establishing the additional income tax”.

In the lines of the budget, in continuity with the previous action, attention was given to families, the vulnerable, newborns, students and schools. The Municipal Solidarity Fund for 2023 will amount to €1,700,000.

Under the tourist tax item, an income of € 1,700,000 is estimated for 2023 which takes into account the forecasts on tourist flows and the new division of the categories subject to tax. Completely complied with the obligation imposed by the State of the bad debt fund, aimed at safeguarding the balance sheet and complying with the principles of sound financial management, which for 2023 is equal to € 2,705,460.00 (increased compared to last year for about 333,160.00) further constrains the expenses of the institution by preventing the full allocation of revenue items foreseen in the budget such as tax and non-tax revenues. Currently, resources of 13,258,000.00 euros are set aside in the Fcde, to which is added the portion set aside in this 2023 budget.

The non-tax revenues for the proceeds of the municipal parking lots, the concession fees of the methane gas networks, the revenues of the municipal pharmacy are expected to increase slightly in line with the numbers recorded in the second half of 2022. Here are some key points of the budget:


Investments are envisaged in the personnel item: 560,000 euros of resources (all those available) for recruitment through competitions, 20 new permanent units, 1 manager, 10 selective procedures for vertical progressions.


Substantial investments in public works thanks to Pnrr investments (National recovery and resilience plan): 13.5 million euros (approximately 11.5 million are listed in the budget as 2 million are already committed in the 2022 budget. Only for schools, in addition to the Pnrr , 5 million are invested, and 200 thousand euros are guaranteed for ordinary maintenance.
Framework agreements for the maintenance of real estate, roads and urban decorum for part of the tourist tax; investments in both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance keep the attention not only on the historic center but also on the hamlets and on the entire municipal area of ​​Assisi.


As far as energy costs are concerned, Assisi has all the characteristics to become the first city with a public-private energy community involving businesses, the municipality, families with the aim of reducing dependence on fossil fuels and polluting emissions and, at the same time, put a stop to expensive bills.

It is a pilot project of sustainable energy produced in the area that will involve local companies and could be a response to families by putting a stop to expensive bills. On strategic aspects such as energy and the environment, the involvement of the University of Perugia, the Department of Engineering and Ciriaf is confirmed, thanks to which the Municipality of Assisi continues to distinguish itself in the implementation of the Action Plan for energy and environment of the Covenant of Mayors, in the interception of European funds and Pnrr for energy efficiency and renewable energies, and in the ambition of being the first municipality to start a real renewable energy community that allows the blueing of entire voices of public energy expenditure. Obtaining adhesion to the Consip conventions on thermal energy and public lighting, a success achieved thanks to the commitment of the offices and the councillorship, will allow for a complete efficiency improvement of the 8500 light points and dozens of heating systems at energy costs set at the average value of the years preceding the energy crisis.


The implementation of road maintenance continues with the Road Plan 4 bis with over 500 thousand euros of additional allocations in addition to the 4 million invested in previous years.
A total of 1.3 million has been set aside for the construction of the protected pedestrian area bordering the roadway between Assisi and Viole, the first construction phase of 300 thousand euros.
For the safety of the dangerous intersections in the district of Capodacqua, a work that has already been completely designed, the sum of 400 thousand euros has already been committed in the 2022 budget. Investments are planned for speed cameras and automated traffic control systems, new cameras to implement the video surveillance.


Funds have been allocated for the extraordinary care of the arboreal heritage, for the extraordinary maintenance of gravel roads, for contributions to local roads and for the agreement with Afor as well as more funds for the ordinary maintenance of green areas.

Also confirmed the funds for the management of the Association of Subasio Park Municipalities (25 thousand euros) which from January will see the new manager take office, hired with mobility by the Municipality of Assisi, while thanks to the Park’s tourism promotion projects there are revenues from regional funding for €50,000.


Investments in school construction in 2023: in addition to the Pnrr which provides for the construction of 3 kindergartens, 5 million euros have been allocated for school construction which will improve municipal schools in terms of energy efficiency, safety, functionality in different school complexes.
Support for families is confirmed for school canteens (the total expenditure is 850,000 euros, of which the municipality pays over 50%) and school transport (500,000 euros a year, 80% of the expenditure incurred by the municipality), these services have obviously recorded significant increases due to expensive materials and expensive fuel.
The funding of books for primary school students has been confirmed with a commitment paid by the Municipality of Assisi for 35 thousand euros, which are transformed into direct savings for families.
In 2020, the University of Perugia approved the new degree course in “Planet life design”, a master’s degree, based in Assisi at Palazzo Bernabei, and the Municipality of Assisi confirms the resources for funding a researcher post fixed-term university degree, as well as maintaining the support for the Tourism Economics course unchanged.


Allocated contributions for the maintenance of sports facilities and collaboration agreements pursuant to the regulation of common goods. Resources are foreseen to be invested in the three-year period 23-25 ​​for the urban regeneration and redevelopment of the municipal swimming pool and the sports complex of the Stadio degli Ulivi, as well as for the infrastructure of other areas subject to urban regeneration (Petrignano)

The urban regeneration of the former Montedison area, including the redevelopment of the spaces adjacent to the Lyrick theater not yet used, will be financed by the Pnrr, freeing up resources that can be used for other social and sports spaces in the hamlets.


Over 250 thousand euros are allocated directly from the current municipal budget for hospitalization fees to be allocated to minors in the community, the elderly and foster families. The resources allocated overall for social policy missions and the family (mission 12) increase in 2023 also due to the effect of the Pnrr allocation of over 700,000 euros, reaching an outlay of 7,600,000 euros which is among the largest in the municipal budget.

The pride of the administration is the Bimbi Domani bonus which is maintained (the total expenditure stands at 60 thousand euros but is ‘generative’ of higher income for the municipal pharmacy) also for 2023: every new born resident in Assisi receives at home a card with €500 to spend at the Municipal Pharmacy – which will soon have a new and larger location – on goods for the child. A zero-bureaucracy measure, which since it was conceived and instituted by the Proietti administration (1 January 2018) to today has brought about 400 thousand euros to families with newborn children, concrete support for the birth rate and for the family which has now become structural in the municipality of Assisi.

THE BOARD OF AUDITORS HAS GIVED A FAVORABLE OPINION OF THE ESTIMATED BUDGET, certifying its complete congruity with the principles of public finance. The favorable vote of the council commission and of the majority of the councilors ratified the approval, within the terms of the law, of the budget maneuver of the Municipality of Assisi for the years 23-25.
The mayor of Assisi, who is responsible for the budget, wanted to thank the manager of the financial planning, personal services, educational policies sector, Dr. Patrizia Tedeschi, her staff and offices, the managers and the general secretary, with all their offices, the board of auditors in the person of the president Caterina Brescia, the members, doctors Lidia Anastasi and Mario Mideja, the majority directors for the extensive examination and the commitment made during the long hours of meetings, the directors all for the work in the commissions, the junta all for the profuse commitment, affirming that the mission accomplished of the budget forecast by December is a great result for the Municipality and for the whole City of Assisi.

Assisi, the majority approves the 2023-2025 budget – Everything today