At least 13 IPN schools are on indefinite strike; they analyze the response to their petition

Students from at least 13 schools of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) are kept in indefinite unemployment.

The strike began last August 23 at the National School of Biological Sciences (ENCB) after accusing acts of corruption and abuse of functions by the Polytechnic authorities, and later spread to more schools.

These are the schools that are unemployed until September 20:

Higher education:

  • Interdisciplinary Professional Unit of Engineering and Social and Administrative Sciences (Upiicsa).
  • Higher School of Tourism (EST).
  • Higher School of Computing (Escom).
  • Higher School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (Esime) Zacatenco Unit.
  • Interdisciplinary Professional Unit in Engineering and Advanced Technologies (Upiita).
  • Higher School of Engineering and Architecture (ESIA) Zacatenco Unit.
  • Higher School of Physics and Mathematics (ESFM).
  • Superior School of Medicine (ESM), except the postgraduate level.
  • Higher School of Chemical Engineering and Extractive Industries (Esiqie). Administrative activities are maintained here.
  • Interdisciplinary Professional Biotechnology Unit (Upibi), with partial unemployment.
  • Higher School of Commerce and Administration (ESCA) Santo Tomás Unit.

Upper Secondary Education

  • Cecyt 6 “Miguel Othón de Mendizábal”.
  • Cecyt 8 “Narcissus Bassols”.

In addition, the Mexican Center for Cleaner Production (CMP+L) is unemployed.

In a statement, the IPN reported that 20 academic units of Higher Education, 18 Centers for Scientific and Technological Education (Cecyt) and 19 research centers maintain academic, substantive administrative and research activities.

What happens in the IPN?

Among the requests of the students are the resignations of the director, Yadira Rivera; the internal deputy director of educational services and social integration, Felipe Neri; and the interim deputy director Jesús Ramón, for administrative complaints about alleged diversion of funds, improper hiring and imposition of charges.

In the case of the director, Yadira Rivera, the student community accuses that she has made improper hiring, has abused his power and has diverted public resources through the appointment of non-existent positions.

The list of petitions from the students raises demands such as an increase in the teaching staff, dealing with complaints of sexual harassment and violence, accountability mechanisms for the authorities, and zero tolerance for aggression, discrimination and authoritarianism against students, as well as avoiding reprisals against the movement.

They also ask to reschedule all the activities of the 2023/1 semester that have been suspended or affected by the work stoppage.

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The answer

On September 14, the general director of the IPN, Arturo Reyes Sandoval, responded to the 12 points of the general petition presented by the students and expressed his willingness to establish solution tables.

After that, he announced four appointments of officials. Students from various schools hold assemblies to analyze the proposed solution and determine whether or not to return the facilities.

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At least 13 IPN schools are on indefinite strike; they analyze the response to their petition