At the “Carducci” ready to start again for the new school year full of news and changes

In the “G. Carducci ”of San Cataldo, directed by prof. Salvatore Parenti, lessons for the 2022/2023 school year will start on Tuesday 13 September. The advance of the start will allow to use a few days to allow students some breaks from teaching activities, distributed throughout the school year and on the occasion of holidays.

For some time now, the Headmaster has given provisions for the organization of the rooms and classrooms, in order to start again without the usual and chronic difficulties due to the lack of desks or chairs, having purchased the necessary furnishings for the new classrooms of the two more first classes formed. The work to organize and plan the project for the inclusion of pupils with disabilities was challenging: over 60 certified cases. Furthermore, the collegiate bodies have already approved the detailed plan of activities regarding the school calendar, planning until the last day of school, including the dates and times for the final ballots and exams for the third classes. The organization chart was also defined in detail with the appointments of commissions and positions. In recent days, the headmaster met the councilors Giarratana and Guttilla to define an urgent maintenance plan, useful for delivering efficient classes to students. On the recommendation of the Headmaster, the Municipality has already provided for the cleaning of the sidewalks and streets in front of the school complexes, the cleaning of the drains and the pruning of the low branches of the trees. All the internal areas of the school have been carefully cleaned and disinfected with specific anticovid products. The institute, however, despite not having adopted restrictive anticovid measures, is ready to implement any emergency measures. From this year, distance learning is no longer provided for those who are infected with the virus. If anything, the Academic Board has resolved to adopt “integrated digital teaching” for specific innovative teaching projects.

This year the “Carducci” institute will have to carry out important and profound changes also of a structural nature. In fact, the institute, in recent months, has been engaged in multiple project activities that have been awarded with the allocation of funds for over 350,000 euros aimed at the creation of new laboratories, the construction of an auditorium / theater that will allow the creation of a large multifunction room with latest generation technological equipment; and new musical systems will be purchased, which will make it possible to expand and strengthen the musical, artistic and dramatization address. All the classrooms and environments of the school will be equipped with brand new “digital boards” that will allow the adoption of new and more captivating teaching methods. A further funding of 129,000 euros was awarded to the school to create environments and classrooms as part of the 4.0 School Plan, which will be used to equip the classrooms with modern technologies and implement a specific training plan for all staff and teachers.

Furthermore, the institute will join the nationwide network of Dialogical Schools, linked to a project in progress for several years and conducted by the Faculty of Medicine (Neuropsychiatry) of the University of Pisa, to implement a training plan for all teachers and aimed at to promote new and more effective forms of relationships with students, to improve learning, reduce cases of abandonment and conflicts between students / families and school. It is a project that, in a short time, will make it possible to increase well-being at school, both for students and for staff. The Training Plan will focus on specific courses for laboratory activities, which will make it possible to make the best use of the new environments created and under construction, but also training for the inclusion of people with disabilities and training for the STEAM disciplines.

Another qualifying point is the institute’s “internationalization process”, which was already started last year with mobility carried out by over 20 teachers, at schools and training institutes in Spain and Ireland. In October and November the Erasmus plan will be completed with two other mobilities involving 13 teachers in Northern Spain and Portugal. From January 2023, then, the new Erasmus Plan will be launched, already funded, which will involve over thirty teachers and as many students in numerous mobility and exchanges with schools in various European countries. The plan foresees a forthcoming experimentation which should make it possible to promote a new linguistic direction with the enhancement of the English language and the introduction of the Spanish language and the realization of linguistic internships for students.

The “G. Carducci ”has therefore designed and activated a significant plan-project for change towards a modern and welcoming school, which aims at the well-being of the students, but also at providing high-level skills to its pupils and pupils. The school is ready to face new challenges and change, recording the enthusiasm of all staff and teachers. “In short: we are ready to commit ourselves unreservedly to contribute to the growth of our country, the territory and our young students, wishing a peaceful and fruitful new school year”, says the headmaster Salvatore Parenti.

On Tuesday 13 September, the girls and boys of the “Carducci” – Balsamo and Central plexus – will be welcomed by all the teachers of the institute and by the head teacher, and for the occasion it will be delivered to the boys and girls of all classes, the “Diary of lessons”, obtained free of charge thanks to a free agreement stipulated with the companies Spaggiari Parma and Inalpi.

At the “Carducci” ready to start again for the new school year full of news and changes – – ​​News and information