Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, because case management in the classroom is not just about “giving inattention a name”

Receive a diagnosis of Adhd it is not only “giving a name to inattention, but the starting point for the right treatment and for a psychoeducational process that teaches families and patients, both young and adults, to recognize the symptoms and associated problems” says Professor Louis MazzoneUOSD Director of Child Neuropsychiatry at the Tor Vergata Polyclinic in Rome, who spoke at the conference on Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder organized in collaboration with the Tor Vergata Polyclinic in Rome and AIFA APS, the Italian Association of ADHD Families at the Faculty of Medicine of the Studies of Rome Tor Vergata, as reported The Republic. LAST HOURS TO ENROLL IN THE COURSE

What goals?

This advanced webinar aims to teach the teacher techniques, strategies and practical methods of intervention in the classroom in the presence of one or more students with Adhdboth in the attention-deficit and hyperactivity variants.

Which approach?

The cut of the course is quite practical, in order to enable the interested teachers to acquire practical intervention skills. and transforming theory into a practical support for intervention, emphasizing the importance of personalizing the intervention in the classroom on the basis of the pupil’s unique characteristics.

The problems strictly related to the disorder do not end in the criticality in learning or in the inability to achieve one’s goalsthey become real social barriers, from the moment in which the repeated manifestations ofabsence of control they are often perceived by others (whether they are teachers, parents of other classmates or the classmates themselves) as a lack of education, a deduction that leads to the child and his family being blamed. That’s why it’s especially important recognize the signs of discomfort and take appropriate action.

All teachers are expected to ensure students with Adhd a rewarding and stimulating environment, knowing the disorder and the distinction between the variant with attention deficit and hyperactivity to be ready to intervene in the event that one or more cases arise in the classroom.

The course

On these topics the course Adhd: intervention strategies in the classroom, curated by Marco Catania, scheduled from 21 November.

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, because case management in the classroom is not just about “giving inattention a name”