Axes on Citizenship Income, in Campania three out of four beneficiaries are at risk

A very large group of recipients of the Basic income the benefit is starting to lose from September 2023. Campania has been in first place in the ranking of subsidy recipients since the institution of the measure in the spring of three years ago.

The same goes for Naples which, since May 2019, has been the Italian province with the highest number of beneficiaries. The government reform, therefore, will have a very high impact in our territories: 3 out of 4 earners will find it difficult to find work because they lack experience and without adequate training or school preparation. The executive’s objective is to reduce the use of the benefit to eight months for those families who do not have minor children, elderly over 60 or disabled children. All the others will find themselves, presumably from next autumn, without the subsidy, which is between 800 and 1200 euros per month. From that moment there will be the absolute need to find a job. Six months of professional training is provided for those identified by the government as “employable”.

The number of those who are considered “able to work”, both for physical and personal characteristics, and for the lack of elderly, minors or disabled people in the family nucleus, is not yet known. However, it is possible to estimate it – by crossing the Inps and Anpal data – at around 250 thousand in Campania. A number that includes the approximately 190,000 subjects who are required to sign the Pact for Employment, to which must be added all the recipients exempted from work and referred to social services. The training period will therefore concern a very high number of recipients, significantly higher than that of all the other Italian regions. Suffice it to say that 25.4% of those who have to sign the Pact for Employment – according to Anpal – reside in Campania. The audience of recipients is largely made up of poorly qualified and poorly educated individuals. It is necessary to ask ourselves what prospects of starting a job have the recipients of Rdc, who are about to lose it. From the statistics of Inps and Anpal, it is possible to obtain the personal characteristics, the school and work history of the users.

Generally speaking, it is a subject with a rather high average age, just under 50 years old, in possession of an elementary or middle school diploma and, above all, with almost no work experience. 73 percent of earners – according to Anpal – have not had employment relationships in the last three years. Other significant data emerge from the agency’s dossier on recipients referred to employment services, especially to employment centres. «18% of these were employed, 71.8% inactive and 9.4% exempt and referred to social services. Among those who work, the level of precariousness is very high. However, the bulk is represented by that 71% who could work but don’t: three quarters of this group have not had a contract for three years, that is, since the basic income came into force”. Therefore, identifying useful job offers for recipients of the Citizenship Income does not seem an easy task. The poor preparation of these subjects could prove to be an insurmountable obstacle. «Due to how the labor market is structured – explains the regional secretary of the CGIL, Nicola Ricci – the offers will concern high specializations or will have the character of precariousness. The concept of employability is introduced without taking into account Campania, where among the recipients there are thousands of over 55s who cannot be placed and many others who have given willingness to work but have never received offers or only offers of precarious work”.

A judgment shared by the regional secretary of the CISL Doriana Buonavita: «The Rdc was supposed to be a moment of support for gaining access to the world of work, through training. For Campania, all this seems like a dream book. Job opportunities must be compatible with investments and with the ability of companies to create real employment”. According to UIL secretary Giovanni Sgambati, «The government has used a criterion of gradualness, but there is a need for even greater gradualness. I don’t think that in 2023 employment will grow exponentially. Among the earners there is a large number of people who abandoned their studies 20 years ago and many others who can only do manual work, who will hardly find a job».

Axes on Citizenship Income, in Campania three out of four beneficiaries are at risk