Back to school 2022: The astonishing results of this period have raised a shortage of teachers!

The Minister of Education made a speech last Monday. In his speech, he made a small assessment of this back to school!

The date of September 01, 2022 marked the start of the school year for students in France. Even if depending on the region, some were a week late compared to others. What is certain is that at present, all the children are already sitting on their classroom bench!

Like every year, the Minister of Education speaks in front of the entire public. The latter is used to making a general assessment of this period. We tell you his words about this year!

Back to school: The year 2022 is trying for everyone!

In general, the beginning of this period should be a source of enthusiasm for all. Back to school sometimes makes us aware of our imperfections. In return, it pushes us to make good resolutions for the future. For the students, if last year was synonymous with failure, they will try to surpass themselves from now on!

To help them in this objective, the parents are always behind them to support them. This time, the latter had their feet and fists tied because of the circumstances. This back to school season has not been like the others! Distorted company by their purchasing power, the country’s households had to rely entirely on the state.

Without the aid granted by the latter, they will never have been able to pay for their children’s back to school and school supplies. Aside from enrollment procedures, educational establishments also encounter problems. First of all, the decrease in student numbers. Many were hesitant to come back this year!

In addition, school, college and high school officials often face the wrath of parents. Why? They keep blaming the latter for the price of the canteen and high school transport. However, these principals also have no choice, given the circumstances. In short, this back to school 2022 unsettles everyone!

The words of the minister to calm tensions!

Back to school: Each year, Pap Ndiaye offers a welcome speech for the start of the school year. In addition to this intention, the Minister of Education is also taking the opportunity to take stock. In other words, he tries to give an overall report to the public of everything that is happening. This year he did it again Monday, September 12!

In addition, he felt obliged to do so to comfort the parents of students. This education tutor recognizes the difficult trials of this new school year. To ease everyone’s mind, he claimed that everything was settled as and when. The little ones started the year well and there was a teacher in front of each class to welcome them.

As a reminder: a few days before the start of the school year, panic has set in in France. We heard about a shortage of teachers and a host of other relevant issues. For example, there was the increase in school canteen prices, student transport costs, etc.

According to the minister, the number of students enrolled in France for this new school year is 12 million. However, France Info stated that the number of teachers available to receive them is greatly lacking in 62 percent of establishments. Therefore, could it be that some teachers will pair two or three classes at a time? The details!

Back to school: The new resolutions undertaken by the State!

In his retrospective report last Monday, Pap Ndiaye surprised the public. By the way, the government has done its best to fix things on its side. Among other things, he has everything done not to alert the public but especially the parents of students. The start of the 2022 school year has resumed its normal course without arousing suspicion.

What is ignored in the story is that the state has adopted certain measures to strengthen its team. So, through this speech, it was discovered that 4,500 new contract workers were recruited in each establishment for this new school year. Which makes a total of 35,000 contractors throughout France! They will be paid at 2,000 euros per month with a promise of a rapid increase.

Back to school 2022: The astonishing results of this period have raised a shortage of teachers!