Back to school: Trends and essentials for school supplies

The start of the school year is coming and coming in leaps and bounds. This is the time for students, parents of students and authorities in charge of the sector to prepare for this life-size event. Preparing for parents and students mainly involves preparing school supplies at the same time. For this fact, you should know that when it comes to school supplies, there are essentials that must be prepared. Above all, don’t worry, we are going to review these essential pieces that you should plan for in order to spend the last days of the holidays with peace of mind.

Backpack or satchel

How to have school supplies if the student does not have enough to wear them properly? To this question, it is then urgent to raise the issue of the need for a backpack or a schoolbag. As a result, the backpack is the first essential that must be found in a school supply. This gadget is essential for the child to keep all other school supplies. You will find something for everyone by browsing the store. Auchan and its derivatives.


It is also an important part of the child’s school curriculum. A bit like a backpack, the pencil case acts as a storage pocket for small school materials. Your child can store:

  • The pens ;
  • Pencils ;
  • The scissors ;
  • Glues;
  • The rules ;
  • Highlighters;
  • The markers…

In addition to being a necessity, the pencil case is a trend that contributes to the development of your toddler. You can even let him choose his kit for his own pleasure.

Notebooks and notebooks

Several notebooks and notebooks are necessary for the child throughout the year. They should be the first items to put in the backpack or schoolbag. Remember to choose those that benefit from good qualities of realization and in different colors. A bulk purchase should save you a little more at this level. For smaller children, consider protecting their notebooks and notebooks with covers.


The diary is not a simple school supply. It is in fact an essential planner for all users of the school. It helps children organize their school days throughout the year. They can thus record the important dates of the year such as homework, exams, holidays or even recreational occasions. The stores Hyper-U can provide you with attractive personalized diaries for the comfort and pleasure of your children.

Back to school

Binders, calculators and other essentials

As its name suggests, the binder is used to put order between the different documents in your backpack. They are also used as protections especially for loose sheets such as examination or control copies. Calculators are also to be provided if necessary to complete your child’s return to school. Many other small supplies like chalks, paint brushes, tapes, pouches and more can be on your back to school supply trending list.

Back to school: Trends and essentials for school supplies