Back “Wooooow”, the scholastic and post

In Vercelli the appointment is next Saturday, November 19th

VERCELLI (13.11.2022 – 21.54) – After two years of interruption due to the pandemic, the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Confindustria Novara Vercelli Valsesia (Cnvv) is organizing a new edition in the presence of the multi-day initiative dedicated to educational and post-graduate guidance in which companies, schools and institutions collaborate of the two provinces, entitled “Wooooow – Center your future!”.

The 2022 edition will begin on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 November with the main event, scheduled at the Palasport “Dal Lago” in Viale Kennedy in Novara, and will focus on the continuous and increasingly rapid changes in the economic and social scenario, on skills that businesses need to face this context, on how schools can respond to these needs and on how it will be and what challenges the “work of the future” will have to face.

“The format of” Wooooow “- explains the president of the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Cnvv, Marco Brugo Ceriotti – it has been renewed and will see various speakers from companies, schools and local institutions alternate on stage with interventions in which to inform and guide students towards informed choices about their future, school and work. From this comparison, useful information will emerge on the evolution of professions, on the skills required by companies and on the training proposals of the territory ».

The Young Entrepreneurs Group of Cnvv has also chosen to move around the territory by supporting the organization of other “orientation salons” aimed at students leaving lower secondary schools and their parents, organized by Obiettivo Oriiente Piemonte and the provincial Node against discrimination of the Province of Vercelli. Saturday 19 November appointment in Vercelli (University of Eastern Piedmont former Ospedaletto – Pisu Area, Garibaldi 98), and Saturday 26 November in Borgomanero (Collegio Don Bosco, V.le Dante 19). On these occasions, companies, training agencies and secondary schools of the respective territories will be present with information stands in which they will illustrate their activities. “I sincerely thank – continues Brugo Ceriotti – all the bodies and institutions that have made this edition possible: Obiettivo Oriiente Piemonte, the Provinces of Novara and Vercelli, in particular the Node against discrimination, the territorial areas of the regional school office and Municipalities of Novara, Vercelli, Borgomanero and Borgosesia, the Chamber of Commerce of Monte Rosa Laghi Alto Piemonte, all the schools in the area and all the sponsoring companies: Basano, Birla Carbon Italy, Cavanna, Cim, Comoli Ferrari and C., Cim, Gruppo Ebano, Esseco, Gessi, Iem Italia, Igor, Loro Piana, Studio Miazzo, Marazzato Environmental Solutions, Memc Electronic Materials, Minerali Industriali, Randstad Italia, Umana and Vir – Valvoindustria Ing. Rizzio. I also thank the members of the Cnvv Young Entrepreneurs Group and their Project Leader, Michael Bagnato, who actively participated in the realization of the event as technical sponsors and I hope that the participants will be able to find all that information, answers and motivations during these days. that for ten years have made “Wooooow” an event of great importance for the future of the new generations ».

“The activity of” Wooooow “- concludes Brugo Ceriotti – will also continue during the rest of the year through the use of the platform created by the young groups of the territorial associations of Confindustria Piemonte thanks to the commitment of the regional president, Andrea Notari. Here the videos of the interventions of the companies will be uploaded, in order to always be available to those who are leaving lower secondary schools, who will also be able to experience the so-called “OrientaTest”: an aid for choosing a high school based on personal characteristics and interests, combined with the knowledge of the industrial fabric of one’s area “.

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