Boys and girls from the Tranquilla school participate in the first workshop on the care and responsible use of water

The establishment was chosen as the first place to hold an educational workshop for children organized by the SAI program, an initiative carried out by the Choapa River Surveillance Board in conjunction with Minera Los Pelambres.

One of the most challenging objectives for the third stage of the Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring Program (SAI) is to bring the large amount of information generated through water monitoring campaigns to the community, in order to raise awareness about the care and responsible use of water, especially in the little ones.

For this reason, this week the SAI project team organized the first pedagogical workshop entitled “Know Your Choapa River” aimed at 5th and 6th grade students from the Tranquilla School, an activity that allowed them to exchange knowledge about the water cycles, the flora and fauna contained in the Choapa River and the main physical-chemical parameters that can be found in surface and groundwater.

This was the first educational workshop of the SAI program, of a series of dissemination activities that are scheduled for the remainder of 2022 and the next year 2023; and that include the incorporation not only of more educational establishments, but also of the communities and water users along the entire Choapa River.

The president of the Choapa River Surveillance Board, Ricardo Cortés Nuñez stated that “this workshop is a novelty that we have within this agreement with Minera Los Pelambres, regarding the care and comprehensive monitoring of our waters. This is a pedagogical work aimed at our children, who will be the ones who use these waters tomorrow and that is why we care about this dissemination, which is something different from the work we have been doing with the SAI program.”

The manager of Fundación Minera Los Pelambres, Claudia Sandoval, pointed out that “one of the main objectives of the SAI program is the generation of information and knowledge regarding the waters of the Choapa River and, without a doubt, disseminating and making available to the community the information that is generated through this program, which also, due to its extension in time, allows the Surveillance Board to have historical and relevant information on this basin”.

Meanwhile, the director of the SAI program, Francisco Meza, rescued that this activity “be done at the school level, because we will rotate from the upper part to the lower part of the Choapa River. We estimate to carry out an activity for each monitoring campaign carried out in schools that we are going to choose randomly and with the concern of motivating children in what water care means”.

Emilia Barraza Castro, a 6th grade student at the Tranquilla school, valued the workshop because “not many people come to give us this type of talk and I am interested in science, plants and all those subjects. Water is life and we use the water from the Choapa River for agriculture, for flora and fauna and for ourselves. It was super entertaining.”

On other issues, let us remember that the SAI program will continue during November with the execution of the spring campaign, which includes the execution of monitoring at 16 surface water points, 17 groundwater points, and 8 sediment points in the Choapa Valley, after having completed two previous campaigns this year in autumn and winter.

If you want to know the results of the water analyzes carried out by the Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring Program, you can call the Choapa River Surveillance Board from Monday to Friday at 532-551522 or write to the email

Boys and girls from the Tranquilla school participate in the first workshop on the care and responsible use of water