Calabrian students at the Astronomy Olympics, Princi: “emblem of social redemption”

ROME – With the current temperatures it is hard to think about snow. Yet, from Tuesday 15 November, the obligation to travel with will be triggered snow tires or chains on several Calabrian state roads (in particular the mountain ones) and in some sections of theA2 motorway. We remind you that, moreover, there is always the obligation to use tires whose characteristics are in line with the speed code prescribed in the vehicle registration document. Anyone who has equipped their car with a set of 4-season tires (marked with the M + S symbol) will not incur penalties.the use of which is permitted throughout the year by the Highway Code.

Lordinance will remain in effect until April 15 next year. The obligation is signposted on the road via special vertical signs. Furthermore, it is also valid outside the indicated periods, in case of meteorological conditions characterized by snowfall or ice formation. The rule is about all motor vehicles, except mopeds and motorcycles. The ordinance is issued in compliance with the current rules governing road traffic (Highway Code).



A2 Mediterranean motorway between the Padula Buonabitacolo junction (108.81 km), in the province of Salerno, up to the Frascineto junction (196.00 km) in the province of Cosenza on both carriageways and from the Cosenza Sud junction (Km 260,951) to the Altilia-Grimaldi junction (Km 287,492) on both carriageways.

State road 107 ‘Silana Crotonese’ from km 0,000 to km 137,650 (Paola – Crotone section)
State road 108 BIS ‘Silana di Cariati’ from km 1,300 to km 54,650 (section Colosimi – Garga)
State road 177 ‘Silana di Rossano’ from km 0.000 to km 59.735 (Camigliatello – Cropalati junction section)
State road 177 DIR. ‘by Longobucco’ from km 0.000 to km 9.608 (Location Longobucco)
State road 179 ‘del Lago Ampollino’ from km 0,000 to km 5,790 (Spineto – Bocca di Piazza section)
State road 19 ‘delle Calabrie’ from km 277.960 to km 365.700 (Cosenza – Catanzaro section)
State road 278 ‘di Potame’ from km 0,000 to km 40,590 (Cosenza – Amantea section)
State road 283 ‘of Terme Luigiane’ from km 0,000 to km 18,000 (Guardia Piemontese – Fagnano section)
State road 283 VAR ‘of the San Marco Roggiano station” from km 0,000 to km 6,140 (Location San Marco Argentano)
State road 481 ‘of the Ferro valley’ from km 27,000 to km 31,000 (Oriolo – Castroregio section)
State road 504 ‘di Mormanno’ from km 0,000 to km 37,820 (Scalea – Mormanno section)
State road 531 ‘di Cropalati’ from km 8,000 to km 15,560 (Section – Caloveto – Cropalati)
State road 616 ‘di Pedivigliano’ from km 0,000 to km 17,000 (Colosimi Martirano section – A2 junction)
State highway 616 DIR ‘di Pedivigliano’ from km 0,000 to km 3,049 (Location Altilia)
Highway 660 ‘of Acre’ from km 0.000 to km 43.143 (Luzzi – Acri section)


New Anas Road 562 ‘Strada del Medio Savuto’ from km 0,000 to km 10,000 (Section Bivio Arena Bianca – Decollatura)
State road 109 ‘of the Piccola Sila” from km 68,200 to km 69,363 (Cafarda – Taverna section)
State road 109 ‘della Piccola Sila’ from km 6.512 to km 19.485, (Cafarda – Pentone section)
State road 109 Quater ‘della Piccola Sila’ from km 0,000 to km 19,438 (Bivio Cafarda – Taverna section)
Highway 179 DIR. ‘of Lake Ampollino’ from km 0,000 to km 9,140 (Bivio Spineto – Albi section)
State road 182 ‘delle Serre Calabre’ from km 43,000 to km 73,000 Sorianello – Chiaravalle section)
State road 183 ‘Aspromonte Jonio’ from km 0,000 to km 21,400 (Delianuova – Gambarie section)
State road 184 ‘delle Gambarie’ from km 0.000 to km 29.164 (Gallico – Gambarie section)
State road 19 ‘delle Calabrie’ from km 277.960 to km 365.700 (Cosenza – Catanzaro section)
State road SS 682 ‘Jonio Tirreno’ from km 10.950 to km 27.000 (Mammola – Polistena section)
State road 713 ‘Trasversale delle Serre’ from km 6.615 to km 37.110 (section Vazzano – Gagliato)
State road 713 DIR ‘di Serra San Bruno’ from km 0,000 to km 6,864 and from km 0,000 to km 0,536 (Location Serra San Bruno)

Snow tires or chains. Salty fines are foreseen

Anyone can be checked and if found without the proper tires mounted on their car or without chains on board, they risk a pecuniary sanction. During checks along the roads affected by the aforementioned ordinances, the traffic police bodies can verify compliance with the relative obligations imposed. In case of lack or inefficiency of the prescribed devices, the application of the administrative sanction. The fine can range from one minimum of € 85.00 to a maximum of € 338.00. Furthermore, in addition to the pecuniary sanction, there is a risk of the ancillary sanction relating to the reduction of 3 points on the driving license.

What snow tires? The advice of Max Pneumatici

The legislation introducing the obligation to mount snow tires on cars and heavy vehicles is governed byarticle 6 of the Highway Code. But it is up to the bodies that manage the individual sections to decide whether or not to impose the obligation, indicated through the appropriate signal of mandatory chains Why, in the event of snowfall or ice formations, your safety and that of other road users are seriously jeopardized.

There are many questions that every motorist asks himself about theobligation of chains or so-called winter tires. Precisely on the latter we consulted an expert in the sector to get answers to the most common questions. Massimiliano Tiano, owner of Max Tires which for over 15 years has been the reference point in Cosenza and in the urban area.

max tires

“It is important to clarify that winter tires are defined like this, precisely because they give their best performance in the winter season – explains Mr. Tiano – not only in the event of snow but also on wet roads, mud, icy roads and more. Chains are cheaper but are used in cases of extreme necessity and it is necessary to pay attention to the cars that are not homologated. Winter tires certainly give more safety on the road and allow you to travel even at a very high speed. With chains mounted, the speed limit, regardless of the road you are on, is 40 km / h. And then they are more practical, because they don’t have to be assembled and disassembled in case of snow. The tires suitable for driving on snow they must have markings but there is so much confusion. There are those who are not informed about the markings. Approved tires have a three-pointed ‘mound’ on the side, and have the snow sign in the center. We must always rely on competent people for the safety of oneself and others “.

There are 4-season tires that are marked with the M + S symbol (Mud + Snow, i.e. mud and snow). They are also often classified as “4 season tires” or “all-season tires”, And they don’t always perform at the top in the snow. Let’s say they are a good compromise between winter and summer tires. But compromises, in my opinion, never give guarantees of reliability. I am of the opinion that winter tires should be recommended because the four season tires certainly give reliability but on an average 3-4 thousand kilometers per year. To put it in Cosentino: they are neither meat nor fish.

Change just two tires or all four?

“A question they often ask me. We recommend to mount 4 even if it is said that two tires on the pressure are fine. But the car can lead to a skidding on the rear (on traction) and perhaps when cornering you don’t have high reliability and you can skid. And then in the event of an accident it can become a quibble. The advice is to mount four “.

Calabrian students at the Astronomy Olympics, Princi: “emblem of social redemption”