Casa Caridad starts a mutual support group for women

The Valencian Association of Charity It has promoted various activities, including a workshop to promote mutual support between women, coinciding with November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

The reason is to create a space for group listening, support and exchange of knowledge, experiences and experiences among the mothers of the students of the three Casa Caridad Early Childhood Education Centers, as reported by the entity in a statement.

For this project, the NGO has relied on the psychologist Hebe Casarottowho will be in charge of creating a community of support among the women users, “to promote individual and collective empowerment, strengthening self-esteem, self-confidence and decision-making capacity.”

This initiative arises within the framework of the Family School Programs of the association, which are a tool with which Casa Caridad professionals complement and extend the socio-educational work offered to students enrolled in the three early childhood education centers.

Within these programs there is a training part, the School for Mothers and Fathers, which has the objective of forming and enriching family life, providing knowledge and attitudes for the correct education and care of their sons and daughters.

At Casa Caridad, women represent 50% of the users of the association, a figure that has been increasing for the last 15 years, due to the feminization of poverty and the greater vulnerability to which they are exposed.

In 2021, the NGO served 1,198 women, most of whom are in a vulnerable situation due to being victims of gender violence, foreigners who need political asylum, women who are responsible for several children, or whose employment situation is precarious. and does not allow them to have economic independence.

“safe space”

Faced with this situation, the Valencian Charity Association has set up a safe space, in which all of them can speak in confidence and share their experiences. This mutual support workshop is divided into seven modules. The first of them, ‘My story as a life tool’, is the one that the women users of the Association will work on, together with the psychologist Hebe Casarotto, this November.

The idea of ​​this first section is to address the issue of violence against women through the stories of the participants, who will share their experiences to get to know each other better.

This new project joins the training workshops that are carried out monthly in the NGO such as: ‘Healthy diet and lifestyle’, ‘Child hygiene’, ‘Prevention of Bullying’, ‘Oral hygiene’, ‘Positive communication for a peaceful coexistence in the family’, ‘ Education without labels’, ‘The use and abuse of screens in childhood and its consequences’ and ‘Children’s play: values ​​of NO violence’.

Casa Caridad starts a mutual support group for women